Friday, March 11, 2011

watch now

maybe i am waaaay out of the loop and this is something that everyone has already seen.
BUT if you haven't, you need to watch this. 
i'm on round 4 and i am still crying laughing!


Whitney said...

woman how did you find this.. I wish someone videoed me after.. did you get yours pulled yet cause I WILL be there to record when ya doo.. hallarious.. I think I cried when i woke up cause i had a "bad dream" they said lol..

miss you guys

Diana Smith said...

hahahah OH MY GOODNESS this is hilarious!! I love this video, poor girl!!

Becca said...

HAHAHAHAH oh man, why is it soo funny to laugh at other people?? Good post, good post.

Ana* said...

I laughed and cried (with tears and all) at the same time after I got mine pulled out. This video is hilarious

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