Monday, December 5, 2011

the birthday boy

happy 24th birthday to my wonderful husband and best friend. 
i love you more than anything and am so happy you are in my life. 

{image via instagram}

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

it's baaaack

our internet that is. 
it took a two month hiatus.
not gonna lie, it was pretty rough not having internet. 
kind of awesome to not have the distraction, but mostly rough. 

anywho, i forgot about this little blog of ours. 
it's been neglected, the poor thing. 
lots has happened since our last post.

we had our first snow (which luckily did NOT stick).
fall ARRIVED!!! 
halloween came and went. we were super heros. ha.
kim kardashian got divorced... 
(which now makes me feel terrible for making ben sit through four hours of her wedding special).
horkleys changed their name. i'm devastated to say the least. read more here.
ben and i found out we could go to fresno for christmas. i almost peed my pants. 
i got my beloved iphone back. i finally succeeded in convincing ben to switch carriers. plus we get a discount because i am in the social work field (jigga jigga whaaat?)
and i got a new job. 

so it's been a good couple of months and i am kind of falling in love with my little life here in idaho.
i now work for a company called rehabilitative health services. i work with adults who have moderate to sever mental illnesses. sounds kind of freaky at first, and for the first two weeks i may have come home crying each night. BUT now that i am getting the hang of things i am truly loving my job. i have about 12 on my case load so they definitely keep me busy busy.
the benjer is loving his job as well. and he does such a great job.

our home is slooooowly making progress. 
slowly. we get around to a new project once every few weeks so it will be a while until the decorating progress comes to an end. mainly, i just love having a place to truly call home with ben. besides my parents house. because, let's be honest, that will always be home.

welp. here are a few pictures from halloween! we had so much fun taking some of our nieces and nephews trick-or-treating. 
ben's parents also had a pumpkin carving contest at their house. our mickey pumpkin didn't work out so well. oh year we'll carve something cool. 
and the last few pics are from our night babysitting cute little gavin. can't get enough of that boy.

p.s. i am SO excited about christmas this year! i am dying. i can't wait to get our christmas tree. 
and is it weird that  i really want the justin beiber christmas cd?
because i do. 

happy wednesday blog friends. 

Friday, September 16, 2011


this KILLS ME. 
i love it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

life lately

hello hello. 
well friends, i've finally made it. 
this week is officially my last week working down here in utah. 
for the past 6 weeks i have spend monday-thursday down in utah teaching swimming lessons. 
don't get me wrong, i have loved it. 
being with cute little kiddos all day long is pretty rewarding. 
but i'm not going to lie the past 8 weeks have been hard. 
i was in fresno teaching for two weeks and then went straight to teaching in utah for 6. 
being apart from ben for 4 days each week is rough. 
i feel kind of lame sitting here whining about being apart from my husband. 
i realize that i could have problems far worse than this. and i am grateful that i don't. 
i sat next to a woman in relief society today who was telling me about how her husband has been deployed in iraq for over a year. 
that whipped my perspective right back into shape. 
this week is my last week. 
ben will come down this weekend so we can have a little mini getaway and spend some time with his sister and then it's back up to idaho to start work...
dun dun dun.
since when do ben and i have real grown-up lives?
i recently found out that i got a job working in idaho falls at a facility called access point. 
access point is a family services facility that works with children with developmental disabilities. 
so i will be working with the developmental therapy program. 
i'm not sure that this is something that i am looking to do long term but am i so grateful that i was even able to find a job?
yes. very much so. 
i'll let you know how it goes.

this past weekend ben and i headed up to rexburg for a little temple date night. which was much needed. after which we got horkleys and ice cream and drove around rexburg reminiscing. 
who knew i would miss rexburg so much?
and i only live 15 minutes away. 
but seriously, being a college grad is bitter sweet. 
we love everything about our life together right now but there are times when we truly miss school. 
maybe ben asked me if we could sneak into the smith building and go sit in the econ lab. for old time sake. 
i declined.
we also got to spend some quality time with al pal and dan this weekend. 
which was fantastic. 

we also recently moved into our new place. 
i will try to post a few pictures soon. 
but we absolutely love it! 
and being able to decorate and work on home projects together has been so much fun for us. 

this has officially been the most sparatic post. 
i apologize. 
i am sleepy. 
that's my only excuse. 

hopefully the blog posts will be back on a regular schedule after this week. 
i finally got around to starting to print them and put them into a book. 
we will one day look back on these and laugh or be really embarassed of ourselves. 
either way. 

until next time.
happy sunday:)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

yellowstone & island park, picture overload

each year ben's side of the family ventures up to island park or jackson hole for a little family vacation. 
they did this even when they lived in california. 
i have been hearing about this infamous island park trips for a while now and this year did not disappoint. 
 we had a blast!
we played at the lake everyday, went into west yellowstone and yellowstone, had a few campfires, rode four wheelers, played endless games, ate yummy food and laughed a lot. 
it was a nice little weekend getaway. 
& can't wait for next year. 

ok, so this picture does not do "old faithful" justice. in this picture the water looks about a foot high. but it was actually pretty sweet in person. 
i had not idea that people came from all over to see something that has been an hour and a half away all along. 
we met a family from france and a million asians. crazy.

the only bummer part was that ben and i had to leave the fun a day early so that we could both get back to work. 
that was rough. 
but thats life.
it was a fun time with our family regardless and we loved it!

i realize that about three quarters of these pictures are just of our nieces and nephews but we can't help it. 
we're kind of obsessed with them.

Monday, August 22, 2011

san francisco

a couple weeks back i was able to spend some time at home in fresno. 
it was so so good to be able to be at home with my family again and spend quality time with them. 
while i was there my dad, 2 bothers, sister and i decided to take a little day vacation to san fran. 
i hadn't been there in a while so we took advantage of the good weather and hit up pier 39 and an A's game. 
i seriously love that place. 
i wish ben could have gone too. he grew up in the bay area and i know he would have loved to have gone back. 
needless to say, we had a great time:)
i felt bad my mom and other sister were not able to come. 
but only a little because mckenzie was in NY and my mom was in washington. 
here are a few pictures from out little adventure. 


on my way home i got to see this woman.

seriously...HIGHLIGHT of a lifetime. 
i almost peed my pants. almost. 
i had a layover in phoenix and brooklyn picked me up. 
we drove around in a freaky thunderstorm while i ate taco time (don't judge) and then went back to her house and had girl talk. 
it was the best. 
i know i look a bit haggard in this pic but i had been in an airport all day, ok?

AND this girl.

who just had her sweet baby boy and is now a MOM!
seriously so crazy. 
but he's the sweetest little man and i can't wait to meet him. 
it kills me that whit and i don't live closer to each other. 
because if we did i would sleep over at her house nineteen days in a row...just like the old days. 

one year's time

one year ago from this past saturday i made a promise to spend the rest of eternity with my very best friend.
i remember every detail of the way that ben proposed to me and i wouldn't change a thing about it. 
august 20, 2011...
second best day of my life.