Thursday, March 17, 2011

d.c. love

a couple of years ago at this time i traveled to washington d.c. with my dad.
i was just looking through a few pictures and SERIOUSLY missing that incredible city.
i can honestly say that it is my favorite place on earth.
without fail, every single day i sneak in some comment about d.c. to ben with the hopes that he will agree to move there.
we're making progress:)
but for now we are planning a little east coast trip and i cannot wait...
there is so much history within every square inch of that beautiful city and i love it!

here are a few pictures from my last trip...

{my dad and i got to see a supreme court case in session. unreal}

we met orrin hatch. oh, and usher.

this next time around, i'm hoping for a kardashian.


Alycia ( said...

i would love to visit d.c! hopefully, when or if we move back to the east coast, it's definitely on my list of places to see :)

christine donee said...

I've never been to DC, but am dying to go! Your pictures are beautiful :)


Tamuna said...

I loved DC when I was visiting, but now that we live here, it's not all that great :)Especially the metro commute and humid summer days :/ But it's definitely a city of opportunities and plenty of fun activities :)

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Andrea said...

Gorgeous pictures! I haven't been there ...yet:) Good luck on moving out there -I totally support that decision:)

Kelsey said...

alex. seriously LOVING your blog. love it love it love IT. and i can't believe you saw usher. How did this never come out in the fall?!

meig said...

Oh I love this post!! I've lived in the DC area for nearly 6 years now, and my fiancé and I spend all our free time roaming the city.

Anonymous said...

You're so blessed! I would LOVE to go to DC!

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