Saturday, June 29, 2013

grandma & grandpa's visit

my parent's just left last night and we are all feeling a little blue around here. i always have such a hard time when they leave. this visit was especially fun because of the stage that sam is in right now. that little boy has grandma and grandpa wrapped around his chubby little finger. 
he was loving playing games with grandpa and grandpa and wanted to be held/crawl all over them 24/7. 
we had so much fun having them around all week. 
and i got to sleep in every. single day. 
i woke up at eight and sam was fed, bathed and ready for the day all before i was awake. 
it was glorious. 
while my parents were here were made a visit to the idaho falls zoo (which was surprisingly bigger than i thought it would be). ben got this day off so it was especially nice having my mom and dad AND ben all to ourselves for the day. 
after the zoo we headed to five guys and picked up some cupcakes from the cocoa bean to take home (naturally). 

we also took mom and dad into rexburg for some snow cones and to take sam to the park but of course sam conked out after snow cones so we had to scratch the park. but the weather was perfect so we just took our time and enjoyed out snow cones outside for a while. 

 (this picture seriously kills me. he was CLEARLY loving this.)

 a while back i inherited my mom's old sewing machine when she upgraded to a new one. i have been wanting to learn how to sew for a while now but just haven't found the time. while she was here we took my sewing machine into a sewing store and my mom had them give it a tune up so she could start teaching me how to sew. she spent so much of her time here teaching me how to sew and i am SO grateful. seriously though, i think my mind was in sewing overdrive. the first night they were here i seriously could not sleep because i was having dreams about bobbins and pressure feet. she was so patient with my while i was learning and we spent lots of time perfecting the perfect bow tie pattern. i now have our guest bedroom set up as a sewing room. i can't wait:)

while they were here we also ate lots of yummy food, enjoyed many trips to target, and loved going into idaho falls with sammy boy to visit dad in his new office. 
i love my parent's more than anything and sam loves them even more than that. i hate that he doesn't have anyone to entertain him in the backseat now:( 
we had so much fun with them and can't wait till the whole family is back in september for sam's first birthday!
i'm already planning his party. 

Monday, June 24, 2013


my parents flew in tonight and sammy boy (and ben and i) could not be more thrilled. they are here for the week and we have so many fun things planned. i love watching how much my parents adore sam and watching their relationship grow. 
we can't wait to spend the week with them!
(and i may even sneak in a nap or two:)

just because something this cute cannot go undocumented

you guys...

friday night walks

there are times when ben and i both get really nostalgic for byui. 
idaho and that school will always hold a special place in our hearts. 
we want to take advantage of this place while we still live here. 
ben's dad had told us that they had been doing a lot of renovations on campus and changing a lot of the landscaping. 
so friday night when the weather was perfect we drove up to rexburg and took a little family walk around campus. 
it was beautiful. 
i love that place. and sammy boy was mesmerized by all the little waterfalls and streams. 

(sorry, the trusty iphone pictures will have to do)

 {i just love my little family}

Thursday, June 20, 2013

this is amazing.

i couldn't have said it better myself. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

fathers day 2013

happy (belated) father's day to all the wonderful dad's out there!
to my own dad, who has been the greatest possible dad a girl could ask for. who has spent countless nights up late working on homework with be, gone out of his way to make it to every sporting/cheer/dance event, and traveled countless times to come visit me up at school. he has taught me so much and is the most selfless person i know. i love him more than anything and especially now love watching how much he adores my son. 
and to my husband, i couldn't have picked a better person to be sam's hero. seeing how sam's face lights up every day when ben walks through the door speaks for itself. ben is so hands on with sam and there isn't a thing he wouldn't do for our boy. as soon as he gets home from work, before he even has a chance to take his tie off, he gets down to sams level and plays with him for at least a half an hour. he is the first one to jump out of bed at night when sam starts crying. and he will willingly carry around sam and my girly diaper bag for hours while out shopping when sam isn't feeling his stroller. 
i can't count the number of times i have walked in on ben reading the scriptures to sam to get him calm and ready for bed. it is the sweetest thing and i love watching the relationship between these two grow. i know that it is only a matter of time before sam wants nothing to do with mom and will favor his dad and want to be just like him. and i will happily stand on the sidelines. 
we love you, ben. and we wouldn't trade you for anything in the world. sam and i are pretty dang lucky to have you. 

we spent the evening at ben's parents house for dessert and played around outside till it got dark. i love summer nights!

{impossible to get a picture of these three all looking at the camera}

Thursday, June 13, 2013

nine months

my sweet sam, 

i can't even handle how much personality you have at this stage of your life. 
let's just say we always know EXACTLY how you are feeling. 
you are a little ball of energy. and i love that about you. 
crawling is in full swing and i really don't think it will be long before you take those first steps. you bring so much joy to our lives. you teach us something new every day. we have become more patient, selfless, and humble with you in our lives. as our love for you grows each day we understand a little better the love our heavenly father has for his children. 
i love that everyday is a new adventure with you and i love watching you grow and learn new tricks. 
you are our perfect little boy and we will love you forever. 

sam at 9 months:

- you weighed in at a whopping 17.75 lbs (14th%) at your nine month appt. just a little guy! the doctor is not concerned at all though. he says you are growing at healthy rate. 27 3/4 inches tall. 
- you are loving this new found freedom that crawling has given you. you follow me around all day like a puppy dog and it's hilarious. you still love to be held and carried but also loooove getting around on your own. 
- at your nine month appt. our ped gave us the go ahead to start testing out different table foods. so far you have tried grapes, scrambled eggs, watermelon, and i gave you a few little pieces of my chicken last night (which you LOVED).
- you have mastered the stink eye. this is a recent thing and everyone thinks its hilarious. i don't know where or how you learned it but you started doing it to strangers and a few of your uncles. once you realized that people laughed when you did it then you started doing it non-stop. i laugh every time you do it. 
- we're experiencing a bit of separation anxiety. when we are at home you want me by your side at all times. which makes getting things done a bit challenging but i don't mind. luckily you take great naps so i can get anything i need to done during those. 
- you have become a diaper changing ninja! it is seriously next to impossible to change your diaper sometimes. you can roll over and crawl away so fast it's not even funny. we're working on it:)
- a couple weeks ago i started working with you on clapping. you picked it up after a couple days and now all you do is clap. whenever anyone says "yay" you immediately start clapping. 
- the vacuum has started to totally freak you out. your dad holds you while i vacuum and you whip your head around constantly so you always have your eye on that thing. 
- LOVES the swings. 
- can pull himself up into standing position and inch his way around the ottoman. 
- takes two 2-hour naps (morning and afternoon). 
-waking up between 7:30-8 each day.
- graduated from you infant car seat to a convertible car seat. still rear-facing for now but you are loving being able to see a little bit better. 
- chatting with yourself 24/7. you especially love crawling up to your reflection in the refrigerator and talking to yourself. or when you hear another baby squealing while we are in the store you immediately start squealing too.