Tuesday, February 26, 2013


i should probably update this blog with more than just updates on sam. 
it's just so hard to find time. 
however, sam man is napping right now so it's the perfect opportunity. 

- ben is currently preparing for an MBA program which begins next year. this all happened so fast but he is so excited. this has actually been a huge blessing because he is doing his program through the University of Utah at a satelite campus up here in utah so he can continue to work full time while completing his MBA. win/win. i am so proud of him!

- i have been a little bit of an emotional sap lately. i was completely unprepared for how fast sam was going to grow. he is at such a fun stage but sometimes i look through photos from the day he was born and the first week of his life and completely lose it. as my husband will tell you, i have a tendency to be a bit dramatic. one moment i'm thinking about how quickly the past 6 months and flown and the next time crying to ben about how tomorrow sam will be walking and the next day he'll be leaving on his mission. when, in actuality, i have, oh i don't know, 17.5 YEARS before i have to worry about this. but this is just how my brain works people. my heart just can't handle thinking about sam leaving me one day. 

- i'm currently in the middle of jillian michaels 30 day shred. and it's killing me dead. losing baby weight is hard! and takes a lot of patience. 

- having a baby changes a lot of things, obviously. but one thing that has been hard is finding time for ben and i to have a date night to be with just each other. it has been so hard for us to leave sam at all. we had just been taking him with us on out dates. a few weeks back i was telling ben i felt like we just needed some alone time. he and i and no one else. baby free. but i told him i was scared of actually leaving sam with anyone else. that weekend he told me he had told his brother that we would watch their kids while they want to a church function. i was totally fine with that (their kids are complete dolls) and when we got there he told me that they were actually watching sam and we had the night to ourselves. i can't even put into words how excited i was, and completely surprised. i knew sam was in good hands and i was so excited to be alone with my husband. it was perfect. 

- shopping for clothes for sam has officially become a problem. it is so much FUN! i would much rather shop for sam than for myself. and whoever said dressing boys wasn't as fun was full of it. 

- i need summer. so bad. we are do done with the snow over here. i can't to buy sam some cutie little swim trunks and a mini beach towel.

- ben got a week off  of work at the beginning of april so we are going to fresno and can't wait! it will be such a nice break and i can't wait to take sammy boy to fresno. we're planning a day in san francisco and are counting down the days. 

- sam isn't even six months and i am already baby hungry. true story. i mean, i don't know if i could actually handle another one just yet. but the thought of sam having a little brother to play with just makes me so happy. 

-also, i finally have my camera back! it has been at canon being fixed for months but it is back and i have been going a little overboard on the pictures. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

five months

mister sam, 

as much as i miss your teeny, tiny, delicate little newborn self, i have to say, this is by far my favorite stage thus far!
you are so much fun right now and it seems like you are doing something new every single day. please keep piling on those rolls because we just love kissing them every day. 

at five months you are:

- wearing 3-6 and some 6-12 month clothes. 
- still sleeping like a dream. you sleep from 9pm to 8am and we are oh so grateful. 
- have a handful of mama's hair at all times. 
- love to give big, wet, slobbery kisses to mom and dad. 
- teething. enough said. you aren't too grump but you chomp on your fists like there is no tomorrow (despite my efforts to prevent that) and are a drooling machine. 
- love reading time and bath time. you somehow position yourself in the corner of your tub each time and hang your arm over the side like you're in a hot tub. it's hilarious. 
- hate your carseat. so that's super fun. 
- had your first ear infection and got sick for a couple of weeks. so SO sad. i hated every single day of those two weeks. 
- love playing on your tummy while watching mom work out. it makes working out a little bit more enjoyable. 
- had your first taste of baby oatmeal! you now have oatmeal once a day for dinner. we love feeding you and laugh the whole time. you nose dive for the spoon and can't get it into your mouth fast enough. we can't wait to start you on fruits and vegetables. 
- loves going to dad's basketball games and "oohs and ahhs" the whole time.
- you belly laugh. all. the. time. it kills us.