Sunday, December 5, 2010

twenty three years young

yesterday was this handsome mans birthday...

and we celebrated right. 
i scored some points and got him some new usc basketball shorts and a few other things (that he loved).

and yes, i will be listing 23 things i love about the birthday boy.

1. ben is legitimately the funniest person i know. i have laughed more in the past 10 months than i have in my entire life. and this is not an exaggeration.
2. he's wonderful with kids. he's got 11 cute little nieces and nephews that ADORE him.
3. he's not too bad to look at. and by "not to bad to look at" i mean ridiculously good looking.
4. he's got the best smile in the world.
5. not a lot of people know this, but the guy can play the piano and guitar like it's no one's business.
6. he's a great missionary.
7. he always always always puts others before himself.
8. he is the most kind hearted person i know.
9. i can trust him with anything.
10. he loves me unconditionally.
11. i don't think i have ever heard a single person say a bad word about ben. everyone knows him, everyone loves him.
12. he's always a gentlemen.
13. he is always warm. weird, i know. but i am fairly certain that something is wrong with the circulation in my body and my body temperature is at least 18 degrees cooler than the average human being. works out great.
14. he always says i look pretty/beautiful/nice. you would think it would get old but it doesn't.
15. no one can cheer me up like he can.
16. he honors his priesthood.
17. he's a family man. he loves his family and he loves mine.
18. ben is extremely intelligent. it's nice having a human encyclopedia on hand.
19. he's ambitious.
20. i am never bored when i am with him.
21. i can be myself completely when i am with him and i LOVE that. he brings out the best in me.
22. he is always willing to help. he once left my apartment and spent an hour in the freezing cold weather scraping all the ice off of my car (i drive a truck mind you) and then did ally's car as well without saying anything.
23. he's literally good at everything he tries. and he's wicked athletic which, i'm not gonna lie, i love.

happy birthday benny.
i'm kinda bummed i missed the last 22.
i love you.