Monday, November 3, 2014

Sam: 2 Years

i have said that every stage of sam's life has been my "favorite", but truthfully, if i could keep him one age forever this s would be it! two year old sam is hilarious, sweet, kind hearted, polite and makes his parents so happy on daily basis. i cannot get over how fun this age is. ben and i have several "where did he come up with that" moments daily. the things that come out of sam's mouth are hysterical and we have no idea where he picks this stuff up!
he has started saying "thank you mommy" and "thank you daddy" to everything. when i finish bathing him, when i feed him lunch, when i change his diaper, when i put on his jammies…i always get a "thank you mommy" afterwards and it melts my heart each of every time. 
whenever he doesn't want to do something we always get a "no thank you". we usually die laughing because we will ask him is we should go change his diaper or go take a nap or go to bed and his response is always a quick "no thank you". 
sam LOVES his disney movies and can recite every line from frozen and tangled. he also currently loves despicable me, brave, the princess and the frog, and of course daniel tiger is always watched at some point during the day.  
we have the stage of imaginary play, specifically when it involves food. sam loves to pretend to "cook" things and then make me eat them. he is constantly opening my hand so he can place something in my hand for me to eat. i'll ask him what it is that i am eating and the most common response is brown cake (chocolate cake). he loves his sweets!
he is currently obsessed with puzzles! he got a few more for his second birthday and he could play with them all day long. i am actually really surprised at how well he can complete them. we got him a wooden alphabet puzzle and within a couple days he had mastered it. he loves to tell you which letter is which and what color each letter is. 
he's still all about all things sports. we finished our basement just before ellie was born and he now has the entire downstairs living room filled with all his sports balls and is constantly asking ben to go down stairs with him and pitch the ball to him (he got a t-ball set for his birthday). i love that he would choose to throw the ball around with dad over just about any other activity. 
sam is quite the celebrity at ben's office. he asks daily to go visit dad at work. i am sure he really does want to go to see ben, but am convinced he just loves the attention he gets from everyone there. he usually makes the rounds visiting each office and getting candy. 
just after sam turned two, we welcomed our sweet girl, ellie, to our family. just like that sam went from only child to oldest child. i was so worried about this transition and was constantly praying that he would love ellie and that he would be a great older brother for her. i don't know why i was so worried because sam did great when we brought her home. no one loves ellie more than sam does, and that is not an understatement. she is the first thing he asks about when he wakes up in the morning and he is the first person to run to her side when she starts to cry. he loves to give her kisses any chance he gets and loves to hold he little hand and tell me how cute her fingers and toes are. ben and i laugh every time he talks to ellie because his voice goes really high; he has mastered the baby talk. :) i know there was a reason sam was sent to our family first and i can't wait to watch these two grow and develop a friendship with each other. i hope that they are always the best of friends!

we are so in love with our boy. i feel blessed every single day that i get to be this sweet boys mom. he is patient with me and always forgiving of my mistakes as i am still leaning to be the best mom i can be. he never misses an opportunity to tell ben and i that he loves us and has recently started calling me that i'm pretty; melt my heart. he makes friends with anyone and everyone and has the kindest heart. i am over the moon for you, sam. now please stop growing.