Thursday, March 17, 2011

just some opera for our wednesday night

a few weeks ago ben and i watched the 25th anniversary special of les miserables on t.v.
(the london production)
obviously the t.v. version won't be anywhere near as amazing as the stage production.
so really, the only reason i was watching was because nick jonas was in it.
anyways, alfie boe played jean valjean and he was INCREDIBLE.
i'm not even kidding, i have never heard a voice like his.
somehow he ended up in rexburg this week and performed last night as well as on friday.
ben and i went with his parents and it was amazing.
he sang a lots of beautiful italian songs as well as a few from les miz and a few other broadway plays.
so, if you're in rexburg go buy tickets for his friday performance. 
you won't regret it.


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