Wednesday, March 23, 2011

love letters

i LOVE love letters.
actually, letters in general.
ben has written some of the sweetest letters to me and maybe i read them all the time.
i read an article today about a 200-year-old love letter that was found folded up to the size of a penny and tucked away in the arm of an upholstered chair in england.
the letter was in french and suggests that it dates back to the early 1800's

apparently this is what it says:

"My dear small love, do not be worried, do you seriously believe I would tell anything to these people, who don’t understand anything about love?
If someone insists that I say something, it will be anything but the dear love acquired by you, which is the great treasure hidden in my heart.
I didn’t tell you to come yesterday because I didn’t have the opportunity, but do come every Tuesday around 5:30, and Fridays as well; I count/hope on you tomorrow.
At the moment I write this letter, I can hear my aunt yelling, who else annoys us all day long, today and tomorrow.
My dear, I cover you with kisses and caresses until… I need you in this moment of desire. I love you."

besides the part about the weird yelling aunt and the fact that he kinda sounds like a player, i think it's cute.


Anonymous said...

this is so cute! im also ob.sessed. with love letters. i've saved all my love letters from marcus and i read them regularly. they're the best. especially the ones from when we were dating- so mushy and so cheesy = amazing!

SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

HAHAHA!! oh my gosh. this was really sweet, but the part that definitely made this post one of the best i have ever read was your comment at the end. i literally laughed out loud. :)


Brooke Skousen said...

HAHAHAHAH my favorite part is that his aunt annoys him everyday. hahaha cant.stop.laughing. wait, this is a love letter. I shouldnt be laughing. oh well.

Becca said...

That is so cool! Love notes never go out of style, even back then they had annoying aunts hahahahah.

AllyM said...

I gave you a blogging award. check it out. then write me a love letter?

Blunettes said...

thank you so much for your sweet comment! :)

love, the blonde

Bonnie said...

Mr. A never writes me love letters.
Now I'm pissed.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

i left you an award/shout out on my page! :)

Sharde said...

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