Friday, February 18, 2011


speaking of t.g.i.f
does anyone remember friday nights in elementary school?
when ABC would have their "tgif" line up.
i'm pretty sure they played boy meets world. and sabrina the teenage witch?
was i the only one that lived for friday nights?

t minus 8 hours until we're on our way to utah.
i'm so excited.
1) because we get to stay with ben's sister, kristin, the whole weekend. 
probably the coolest person you'll ever meet. plus her kids are hysterical.
2) three day weekend. duh.
3) these two cuties are getting married. 
can't wait for their sealing
which also means i get to see all my girls from high school.
5) WARMER weather. hopefully

we're both just really excited to get away for the weekend. the end.

ok. this may or may not come off as extremely nerdy. 
but i did mock trial in high school and LOVED it. seriously. i was so weird. 
but my dad coached the team and it was so much fun. 
if they had a team at byui i would be all over that.
anyways..we were pretty good but never made it to the state finals.
when i graduated the twins were going to clovis north so my dad started up a mock trial team there and they ended up loving it as well.
and, as it turns out, their pretty awesome.
i'm writing all this just to say that they won the county championship last night and are now going to state finals.
for the second year in a row.
my mom sent me this pic from last night
maybe i'm a little jealous.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i'de say so

i'de say that i a quite possibly the luckiest girl on. the. planet.
this valentines day was perfect.
we loved every second of it.
lets do a little recap, shall we?
ben gets comes home from work with flowers, chewy sprees (they will rock your world) and a cute handmade card that tells me a can choose two of the three things listed
-a gold watch
-a keep calm carry on poster (frame included)
-a sephora gift card.
the kid knows me well.
also, i can't decide so if you have suggestions i'll take them.
we went out to dinner and ate yummy food.
ice skating with his brothers and sisters.
i've never been big into ice skating. scrath that. i've never actually gone ice skating.
but it is my new facorite thing to do.
i love love loved our valenintes date:)
it was just what i needed..
and i couldn't ask for a better person to spend it with.
i brought my camera with me but realized after we left that i forgot the memory card. so i have no proof of our valentines day. touchy subject.

ok i also got an amazing recipe for sugar cookies (courtesy of clare bear) and attempted to make them for valentines day for ben.
final outcome:

for some reason it's not letting me rotate this picture.
here is the recipe:

Sugar Cookies/Frosting


2 c. unsalted butter
1 1/2 c. Sugar
2 eggs
1 teas. vanilla

Then add:

5 c. flour
2 teas. baking powder
1/2 teas. salt

Roll out; cut into shapes
Bake @ 375• for 6-8 mins. on ungreased cookie sheet
Makes 3 1/2 dozen give or take

Powdered Sugar Frosting:

3 c. powdered sugar
1tbls. butter; softened
3/4 teas. vanilla
3 to 6 tbls. milk (I use 5 1/2 tbls.)

Mix sugar, butter, & vanilla. Add milk until desired consistency. Should not be too thick, not too runny. Will harden within 10 mins. if done right. Add food coloring for desired color.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

pretty dresses

so i only found out about this designer only a few weeks ago and i'm already obsessed. 
and you will be too. 
her name is sarah. and her company is edelweiss. 
and she is magic because she creates dresses that are beautiful.
i was fortunate enough to be part of the share the love project. 
5 girls. one dress. 
check it out here.

oh and PS
anthropologie {another store with pretty dresses} is coming out with a bridal line.
music to my ears. 
well it would have been music to my ears if it had been three months ago.
no hard feelings.
the collection makes it debut on valentines but you can view a sneak peak here

i have already let my sisters know that i found their wedding dresses. end of story.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i did it!

i finally finished my first do-it-yourself project.
i love love love chevron art.
and have been seeing these beauties EVERYWHERE lately.
{here, here and here}
so i finally took it upon myself to make one for our kitchen.
i kid you not, easiest thing on the planet.

i love it.
ben says he loves it too.
but then again i think he's learned to say he loves it regardless of whether or not he actually does.

next on the list?
these bad boys for our kitchen.
and silhouettes similar to these for our bedroom.

also, valentines day is THIS weekend.
it's technically not this weekend but valentines day on a monday? no thanks.
for a girl that has always thought of valentines day as a rather silly holiday...i'm stoked.

i honestly don't even care what we do i just want to spend every single millisecond of this weekend with ben.
it's gonna be awesome:)

for those of you who know me, you know i am a greys anatomy addict. i don't know what it is about that show but i'm hooked.
always have been. always will be.
but ben? not so much.
but i have been slowly trying to indoctrinate him into the ways of seattle grace.
last week we were watching an episode and the following came flying out of his mouth...
"oh dang, mcsteamy can do so much better than her"
mission accomplished.

last thing.
sorry i didn't know i would be writing the never-ending-blogpost.
i got this recipe from my friend rachel.
tastes like heaven. in your mouth.