Monday, January 31, 2011

a few favorites

i hate video games. 
i think they're weird and a total waste of time.
but has anyone tried this game?

maybe ben and i played this for 4+ hours with his family the other night. 
maybe we were wicked sweaty.
but seriously this game will rock your world.
we will be purchasing this ASAP.
our neighbors below us will hate us. 


this beauty=life
if you don't have one...get one.
i've never tasted better ice cream. and it doesn't even require salt. or ice.
we got on for our wedding. thanks jon and kristi.

and FINALLY wedding pictures. 
i will now be loading mass amounts of wedding pics. 
so you may just want to scroll way down to the bottom for some good news.

this is for you ally. the only proof i have of seeing you.


now that it has been publicly announced...i can't contain myself any longer.
whit and tyler are having a BABY. 
seriously..this kid is gonna be a party 24/7. i CANT WAIT to meet him/her.
i'm pulling for twins.
why do i feel like i'm going to be an aunt?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

want to see something precious?

i can't even get over this.
one of my favorites.
more to come soooon.

Monday, January 24, 2011

fresno reception

welp. still don't have our wedding pictures yet. 
fingers crossed for tomorrow.
buuut...we recieved the cd of our fresno reception pics today. 
here are a few...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

life lessons

first off, i was flipping through the channels yesterday after work trying to find something semi-entertaining to watch and saw this commercial.
um, are we serious?
this kind of thing is really on t.v.?
these pour girls. something is so wrong about a 4 year old with a spray tan.
or maybe that's just my old fashioned thinking.
just watch. you might laugh. or cry. either way...


now,  i'm no expert on life. in fact, i am probably the furthest thing from that. 
so take this with a grain of salt.
but i have recently realized a thing or two.
allow me to share..

life lesson numero uno: choose good friends. i mean really good friends.
friends who make it easy to live the gospel.
friends who are real.
friends who are happy.
just choose good ones.

life lesson number two: take the higher road. always.
is this wicked hard sometimes? unbelievably.

life lesson three: marry someone awesome.
and date a lot of people to find him.
he'll SO be worth the wait. promise.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

all i need

i really love this place.
and the time that i get to spend there with my husband.
and the fact that it's 1.4 minutes from my house.
and i'm real happy that god invented love.

i'm preparing a lesson that ben and i have to teach to a group of young women about marriage.
ha. since i'm super experienced right?
point to story. i have the temple, love, marriage, etc on my mind because of this. 
hence the reason for this post.

Friday, January 14, 2011

the good stuff

bridal pictures by rebekah westover
if you are in need of a wedding photgrapher, look no further. 
she takes pretty pictures.

and a special shout out to my girl whit.
she took off work early to come meet us for our pictures to help me with my dress and make me laugh when i started to get awkward. i tend to do that in pictures. 
she was a rockstar.

thank you and goodnight.