Wednesday, October 15, 2014

22 months

i can't believe we are so close to having a 2-year-old on our hands!
i feel like sam's second year has flown by much more quickly than his first year. at this point, it literally seems like he is learning new things by the hour. the craziest is when he picks up on something that i didn't even teach him. i'll catch him saying a phrase that he heard on daniel tiger or singing a new song he learned in nursery. he is a sponge!!
his new favorite word is "ouchie". we have been playing outside a lot this summer which means there have been quite a few "ouchies". if he falls or bonks his head he immediately runs to me pointing to whatever is hurting him saying "ouchie mama..kisses?" and will absolutely not let it go until i kiss his scrape. and then he asks me to kiss his scrape about 134 times a day until it is healed and he can't see it anymore. 
he is also the most polite little boy. always saying "thank you" when i get him what he's asking for or "bless you" if i sneeze or cough. 
i have realized that i must say "cute" a lot because i'll occasionally catch sam in his baby sisters closet, going through her clothes while saying "oooh cute" to every piece of clothing. he also loves to take pictures of himself on my phone and after each picture he'll look at himself and say "oooh cute". we die laughing every time!
he absolutely loves all things sports. he could play for hours with his basketball hoop and loves to throw the football with dad outside. 
at this point he can pretty much fully communicate with us. he talks in sentences which still blows me away and can tell me whatever he is thinking or whatever he needs. he literally talks all day long. 
he is definitely showing signs of potty training (i.e. telling me when he has a dirty diaper and wants to be changed) but i still think we will wait until after the baby comes and we are stick indoors all day during the winter. as much as i would love to not have two in diapers, i don't know if i could handle being in the beginning stages of potty training while also bringing baby girl home. 
some things that sam currently does that we don't want to forget:
-he is newly obsessed with his magna doodle (which he's had since christmas and hasn't touched?). he brings it to me and tells me to draw something, then erases it and tells me to draw something different. when he asks me to draw a person he tells me exactly how he wants me to draw it. "face mama. eyes mama. nose mama. legs mama…". he also always asks me to draw a flower with a sun in the sky and clouds and grass (what?). 
- he can count to twelve and has started to say 6-7 letter sequences from the alphabet. 
-can say his full name.
-i have caught him singing songs around the house from daniel tigers neighborhood. the other day he was singing the song from the episode about singing about your feelings. too funny!
- is fascinated by my pregnant belly. he loves pulling up my shirt and poking at my belly button.
- loves to FaceTime with papa and grandma in fresno! he asks about papa and grandma all the time and asks about all his aunts and uncles. he is pretty confused by the fact that his aunt samantha has the same name as him so instead of calling her sam he calls her "ah-the". and no matter how many times i say "kenzie" or "mckenzie" he still only calls her ken ken. he also idolizes all his cousins on the webb side. he is always asking to play with charlie and pooker (cooper). 
-his current favorite foods are tomatoes, turkey, mac n cheese, avocado, fruit snacks, oatmeal, french fries, and teddy grahams. 
-he plays extremely well on his own. whenever i let him play for a while with his toys on his own, he just always needs to know that i am nearby so every 15 minutes or so he'll peek his head into the room that i'm in, throw me a wave and say "hi mom…bye mom" and then he's off again. 
-loves watering the plants and loves to be outside. he asks to go outside every chance he gets. 
-most of the time when we sit down to eat dinner as a family, he has his arms folded and his head bowed for a prayer before ben and i even have a chance to sit down. it's the sweetest and melts our hearts.