Wednesday, August 21, 2013

family night

for family home evening we can almost always be found at the park. 
pizza, diet coke and letting sam roam around the grass is our thing. 
these are from a few weeks ago but i just love these pictures of our little family. 
sam was not into the swings at first but warmed up quickly!

Friday, August 16, 2013

11 months

where to even begin?
 i am trying to soak in every last day of your babyhood. 
the fact that in one short month you will be a toddler is so bittersweet for me. 
but this past month has been so perfect with you. if it is even possible, my love for you has multiplied times 100. 
i feel blessed each and every day that your dad and i get to be your parents. you are just the sweetest, most tender and perfect little boy. 
you are always doing something to make your dad and i laugh. and you are no doing things deliberately to get anyone to laugh. before you would do things without realizing it but it has been so fun to watch you figure out what makes people laugh and then intentionally work at getting laughs out of anyone you can. 
this past month you have grown especially close to your daddy. you two have the sweetest bond. 
you usually wake up about 20 minutes before he leaves for work and and cling tight to his legs as he gets ready. when it's time for him to go you wrap your arms so tightly around his neck and it is truly the sweetest thing. i usually have to take you off of him so he can leave and i think it breaks all three of our hearts. 
you have the sweetest ability to read the emotions of others so easily. and it is something that a lot of people notice. 
the other week at church you and i were walking the halls (a common occurrence these days) and you crawled right up to a little girl about your age who was crying and started to stroke her arm. and then my heart exploded. 
you are a smart boy. you stop what you are doing when we say no and you know to wait for when i am not watching to do something naughty. your recent favorite activity is unrolling all of our toiler paper and lifting the toilet seat and sticking your hands in. i have wanted to dunk you in a tub of sanitizer too many times recently. 
you have mastered the fake/courtesy laugh, love pizza, can play catch for hours, and stick out your tongue when you are in deep concentration. 
we love you, sammy boy. 

sam at 11 months:

- weights 19.2 lbs according to our scale at home. such a small fry. 
- wearing 6-12 month and 12-18 month clothes. 
- nick names: sammy boy, bubba, love bug, "slammin sammy say it aint sosa" by your uncles. 
- has 5 little chompers (two on the bottom and three on the top)
- loves avocado, pizza, cheese, applesauce, oatmeal, yogurt, and toast. 
- is so close to walking! you pull yourself up onto anything and everything and can cruise around while holding on to things. you have started to stand up and can balance on your own for about ten seconds. then you usually realize that you are not holding on to anything and quickly sit down. 
- sleeps in the craziest positions and most of the time you hold on to one of the slats on your crib while you sleep. my favorite is seeing you sleep with your little bum in the air. 
- hate getting your diaper changed and hate getting dressed. it's a daily struggle. 
- you have had a rough time with sleep this month. you sleep well at night but getting you into your crib is the hard part. you have become attached to having us rock you to sleep (our fault) and now you can be in the deepest sleep and when we transfer you to your crib you freak out. you would be cuddled all through the night and all throughout nap time if you could. we started a little bit of a bedtime bootcamp and things have actually been a lot better the past few nights. we place you in your crib and you wiggle and and talk to yourself for about five minutes and then pass out. yay!
- love to play catch. i am amazed at the things that you have learned and picked up in. your hand eye coordination is already so great and sometimes a flinch when you pick up an object because you can actually throw pretty hard. your dad is happy about that. you throw the ball to us and we roll it back to you. you could do that for hours. 
- you wave goodbye and hello, clap your hands when you accomplish something (you actually clap after every bite you take while eating), can imitate sounds, will point to you belly when we ask you where it is, can sign "more" when you want more, recently started fake laughing, and you are fascinated by anything with wheels. 
- church is a challenge right now. you don't usually want to be held but if we put you on the ground you will crawl all throughout the chapel. so your dad or i usually take turns letting you crawl out in the hall. 
- you say mama, daddy and tickle. and when prompted can say toy (doi), yay (yaaaaaaaaaaay) and hi. 
- sleeps from 8-7:30 and is still taking two naps a day (and only one a day every once in a while). 
- still has not figured out the sippy cup or how to really hold his bottle. your doctor said as long as you are feeding yourself finger foods than not holding your bottle is really just preference. you would rather just lay back and let your dad and i feed you. we are working on it. i neeeeed you to learn how to drink out of a sippy. 
- ticklish under your arms and on your back. 
- is sensitive to loud noises. 
- still loves to flirt with everyone while we are out and about.