Wednesday, March 2, 2011

love me some summer 08

oh my GOSH i miss this summer.
well...i missing summer in general right about now.
i think the combination of cruising main street with ally and tay in the white rental bug yesterday and makalls blog post here got me thinking summertime so i found a few gems.


The Thomas' said...

I seriously think about summer 08 all the time! remember our hand sign that we made up that was supposed to say 08.... hah I don't think it really did.

Yours Truly said...

I remember you girls in 08...Brooke was always crackin me up. She was ALWAYS up to something. I read Mckalls blog about your cookie thief. Wahah, so funny.

And that kitchen? Isn't it to die for? You should see her house. ITS AMAZING, I want everything in it. Its our family best friend.

Pretty sure you and I look at all the same decorating blogs. love it. but seriously i could look at them all day long.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha that picture of marcus will NEVER cease to make me laugh my head off. it is SOOO funny. ha. you just made my life. miss you al pal and i love you :)

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