Tuesday, April 16, 2013

the adventures of solid foods

we started experimenting with solids when sam was around 5 months. 
we got the go ahead from his pediatrician and i was actually really excited to introduce different flavors to sam to see how he reacted. 
i honestly thought i would have to work with him for a while until he got the hang of spoon feeding but boy was i wrong!
we started with baby oatmeal and as soon as i placed that spoon full of oatmeal in front of him he practically nose dived for the spoon and soon i couldn't feed him fast enough. 
we did oatmeal for about a month, starting with once a day and gradually increasing to three times a day. 
once sam hit six months we introduced him to vegetables. 
he was in heaven!
we probably have 30+ videos of him eating. 
his facial expressions were priceless. 
but he loved every single one. soon after that we introduced fruits and ever since then meal time has been his favorite time of the day. 
and i actually really enjoy sitting down to feed him and watch him babble and smile in between bites. 
we also recently got him a high chair because he's outgrowing his bumbo and he loves that thing!
i pull his high chair up close to me while i'm cooking dinner in the kitchen and he loves having his own space to sit and play while being able to keep a close eye on me. 


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