Monday, April 15, 2013

seven months


it is still so hard for me to believe that you are already on the latter half of your first year of life. 
in so many ways the last seven months have flown by and then in so many ways we can't even remember life before you. 
it seems like you are doing something new every day. 
oh way, you are ACTUALLY doing something new every day. 
it amazes me how quickly you pick up on things. 
at dinner yesterday i was trying so hard to get you to say "mama" (your favorite thing to do is babble "dadadadadada") and after 20 or so minutes of saying "mama" to you you started to mouth it back to me. 
your dad and i died laughing. no sounds came out of your mouth but you were clearly mimicking what i was doing with my mouth and it was so dang cute. 
you are so close to army scrawling. you try so hard to scoot your little body over to whatever toy you see on the ground. 
to be honest, i kind of don't want you to crawl. not because it will be more work (you'll be keeping me on my toes) but because i feel like you will no longer be a baby when you start to crawl. 
so you just take your time, little man. 
i now let you ride in the front of grocery carts and you love it! it's like a whole new world. plus it gives you easier access to flirt with other people who are out shopping. 
that smile of yours stops people dead in their tracks. and you know how to work the charm. 
you love all the new fruits and veggies we have been trying out recently. so far you are not a picky eater at all! you looooove peas. which has me seriously questioning whether you are my child or not. but whatever floats your boat.
we have been experimenting with small finger foods that dissolve quickly in your mouth and you have been doing pretty well with those as well. 
my favorite part of the day is getting you up in the morning and placing you in between your dad and i so we can snuggle for a little while before dad goes to work. you are so happy in the morning!
i have had to master the 10 second diaper change. as soon as i lay you down to change your diaper you can roll away from me so fast it's not even funny. 
while we were in fresno this month you loves spending so much time outdoors and playing on the grass. 
you still love books and calm down once i start reading to you. it is so much fun for me to read to you so i am glad you enjoy it. 
you are such a sweet baby boy, sam. so easy going and so happy all the time. you have stolen our hearts forever and we love you to the moon and back. 

a few more stats:

-almost 17 lbs according to our scale at home. 
-wearing mostly 6-12 months but can still rock a few 3-6.
-loves to stand on our laps. will only sit for a few seconds and then pushes himself up to stand. 
-loves his jumperoo. 
-has the longest eyelashes! everyone comments on them. (how come the boys always get those? not fair.)
-loves going on walks outside. 
-went on his first road trip to california and was a rockstar in his carseat. slept for a majority of the 13 hours and played with his toys when he was awake.
-sleeps 8-7:15
-very observant (loves watching everything that is going on around him) and easily distracted. 
-can now get out of his bumbo. 
-still lights up when dad gets home from work. 
-starting to go through a slight attachment phase to mom and dad but still does pretty well with other people holding him. 
-still no teeth but showing signs of teething. 
-you love going out and about and running errands with mom. the target employees may or may not know you by name and give you stickers when we are there. 


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aw these photos are just too cute! Makes me want a baby!!

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