Thursday, April 11, 2013

excuse me while i have a mom moment

have you ever had one of those days where you literally think your heart might burst from happiness? 
today was one of those. 
seriously, sometimes i look at sam and want to cry because i can't believe that he's mine. 

i have felt so sick yesterday and today. it started out yesterday with a migraine and then i felt extremely weak sick to my stomach. 
last night i went to bed early and thoughts that i could sleep it off and then feel better today. 
but i woke up with the same migraine and still felt sick. 
not to be dramatic, but i seriously felt so weak that i didn't know how i was going to keep up with sammy boy today. 

anyways, it's as if sam understands that i don't feel well because he has been a complete dream today. 
my usually very active little man has been so cuddly and soft with me today. 
after i got him up in the morning he cuddled with me in bed for a couple hours and placed his tiny little hand on my cheek and stroked my hair. all while my heart melted into a thousand little pieces. i usually can't get him to stop yanking on my hair. he then took a three hour morning nap which allowed me to rest some more. 

i know i sound crazy. he's only seven months old and his change of demeanor today is probably just all one big coincidence. and it probably is. 
but still, i am so over the moon with this little man. 
i never thought i could love someone so much (besides ben, of course). and am amazed as my love for him grows with each day. 
i truly feel like i hit the jackpot with this boy. 
i feel so blessed to be his mom. i feel like he and i gel reallly well. i get him. i get his little personality and understand his needs and what each of his cries means. 
don't get me wrong, i'm still pretty much winging this whole mom thing and hoping for the best. 
but i couldn't ask for a better little sidekick to accompany me while i learn how to be a mom. 

that is all. 


Bon Bon said...

yep yep! such a gift! xoxo

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