Friday, April 26, 2013

san francisco

while we were in fresno we spent a day in san francisco!
we had a blast! 
one of my favorite thing about being a mom is taking sam new places and watching him experience new things (i think i'll pass out from excitement the day we take him to disneyland for the first time). 
there is absolutely nothing like watching your child experience new and exciting things. 
sam was in awe over the trolleys, the huge crowds, and the bay. we put him in his stroller without the carseat attachment experience the whole city as we strolled through. 
he loved spending quality time with grandma and grandpa. we were able to eat at the cheesecake factory that overkooks union square, do some shopping, ride the trolley down to pier 39, and then stop in to see the painted ladies. minus the huge blowout sam had on the pier, the day was pretty perfect:)
although it was a little bit colder than we anticipated, we still had such a great time. 
i love that city. and i love my little family. 

{we met the cutest little kids on the trolley who were absolutely loving making sam laugh}

 {this picture is hilarious to me. sophie sticking out of bens back pocket is priceless}
{by the time we made it over to see the painted ladies the sun had set and it was overcast so i couldn't get a good picture. but still, i was in heaven. "whatever happened to predictability. the milkman, the paperboy, evening tv?"


and now a few iphone pictures. 


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