Wednesday, July 13, 2011

oh happy day

i have surprisingly had an extremely productive day today. 
a rarity for this girl. 
i completed half of my to-do list...
just in time for ben and i to watch a little sytycd before he heads to basketball and i begin the second half of my list.
picked up cap and gown? check.
completed a bazillion flash cards for the next 7 days? check.
corrected my mailing address so my diploma doesn't get mailed to a stanger? big check.

is it weird that i almost got a little emotional while picking up tickets for graduation?
i'm really going to miss my time at byu-idaho.
i have fallen in love with this city, this campus, and all of the amazing teachers that i have had. 
this is the place where i met my best friends. 
this is the place that allowed me to fall in love with my husband. 
it's the place where i learned the hard way the ins and outs of driving in the snow.
where i gained my independence and learned how to live outside the comfort of the home i grew up in.
it's a place where my testimony was able to grow on a daily basis.
where i was able to attend class daily and soak up knowledge constantly. and where i was able to discover a area of study that i fell in love with.
it's where i discovered horkley's and rigby lake.
i miss california on a daily basis but i truly do love idaho. 
and while we are not moving far, a piece of my heart will always be in rexburg, idaho.
ok that last part was a bit cheesy. but i don't care.

9 days till i'm a college grad.
but ben and i are oh so excited for clare bear and kevin to arrive. 
we have the whole weekend mapped out.
it's gonna be a party!

happy wednesday!


Andrea Neudorf said...

Congrats! Happy Graduation! Love the Old Navy shirts.

Brittany said...

love that quote! yay for graduation!! congrats!

AllyM said...

oh myyyyy I LOVED THIS POST. Seriously, I got emotional for you. We all love Idaho and I'm so glad that you finally admitted it.

love you tons. cant wait to see you next month!

Stephanie and Such said...

Congrats :) haha and love the pic of you abd Brooke sippin your horkleys!

Gentri said...

So awesome! I'm sure the next stage in your life will be even better!! :D

vivian.danella said...

just btw... when you said claire first thought was of claire briones that cute little girls from jan thomas. i really hope you know exactly who im talking about or this could be awkward hahaha see ya soon at good old jt

diaries of a redhead said...

love you al pal:) so happy and proud of you!!

Suzanne said...

You guys are adorable!

Julie said...

A huge congrats to you. I felt the same way when I graduated. From everything to missing CA to starting life as a's all very familiar. I take every chance I can to go back, and it's different not being a student. Rexburg is definitely a special place. I think everyone who has the opportunity to go there is so incredibly lucky. I still express gratitude to Heavenly Father for the education I received there and for all of the faithful tithing payers who made it possible!

Ashley Michelle said...

I LOVE that Thomas S. Monson quote! Your blog is suuuuper cute :)

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