Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a quick hello

my goodness the past few weeks have been cra-zay.
the parents visit.
i graduate.
fresno for a while.
san francisco.
we move.
job hunting.
start internship.
house organizing/decorating.

it's been crazy but oh so fun. 
minus the part where i didn't see my husband for 12 days. 
yeah. that will never be happening again. 
no one should ever have to experience that. 

i wish i was uploading pictures. 
but truly i have no idea where to start and i don't even have my camera with me right now. 
so that will have to wait until i can mentally prepare myself for the process. 

anyways, i'm currently down in utah teaching swimming lessons to young little kiddos. 
i love it. 
the kids are hysterical and adorable. which keeps me entertained. 
however i cannot wait to go home to my husband tomorrow night and then leave for island park this weekend for a little webb family reunion. 
we're REAL excited.

now that this has been the most random and semi-pointless blog entry, i will leave on this note....
i was watching a really interesting news segment earlier. 
it was about our nations current economic status, our nations credit and the spirit of entitlement that is sweeping our country.
anyways, in no way am i trying to make some political statement. 
i haven't even really decided how i feel about mitt romney. 
but i do feel that pertaining to this issue, he couldn't have said it better. 
so i thought i would share. 
that is all.

watch the clip here.

hopefully i will find time to do a major picture catch up soon. 
but until then...
happy wednesday!

just stumbled upon this quote. 
a great reminder. 


AllyM said...

okay cant wait to see your face. i need an update on your life--ok? thanks.

also super pumped to be your first house guest---lets make sure that happens. hahaha

love you.

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