Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the fourth recap

ben and i enjoyed a wonderful fourth of july weekend! 
my second favorite holiday did not fail me. 
we enjoyed three, count them THREE, rounds of fireworks, the best tri-tip dinner this girl has ever tasted, swimming, a little slip n' slide action, quality time with ally girl, shopping, and lots&lots of sun. 
plus i got my ben all to myself on monday. 
so happy he didn't have to work.
all in favor of three-day-weekends every weekend?
thought so.
now for the pictures...

 {ben in all his glory}
{poor gavin was not having the water}

needless to say, it was a perfect weekend. 
but now that the holiday is over, it's time to get my buns graduated. 
holy cow.
i am so excited. 

because ben and i will both be college graduates, we have found ourselves a new place of residence for the next couple of years. 
i cringe at the though of having to move a third time in the span of 6 months. 
but it will definitely be worth it. 
so, while my mind should be filled with all things school related, we have been busy devising up plans for our new little home. 
picking paint colors, cabinets and countertops can be a little overwhelming. 
but we are anxious to start this new chapter of our lives. 
these pictures have all made their way onto different inspiration boards for the new place.

i hope everyone had a wonderful and safe fourth of july holiday!
happy tuesday!


Becca and Derek said...

What an exciting time to be getting a house! I am very jealous! Congrats on graduating soon also! It's a big honor! And trust me, you'll miss school.. at some point :) he he

Gentri said...

Yay for spending time with your hubby, yay for your second favorite holiday, yay for a new house, and yay for graduating soon!! Goodness! You live an exciting life! Haha!

kira said...

Looks like a fun weekend, I'm excited to see what you do with the new place!

Kelli Warren said...

Where are you guys moving to? congrats, I'm a little jealous, ok a lot :)

Jenna said...

Great inspiration pictures!!

And the slip n slide is always so much fun! lol

Bon Bon said...

Woohoo! Love any day that involves a slip n slide! Congrats on graduating soon too, the adventure continues:-) xoxo

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