Monday, July 11, 2011

please forgive..

..because this may be a bit of an over-share.
but man am i grateful for this guy.

perhaps i am experience some of this love gust business.
but i truly have no idea where i would be without ben.
he is the most kind, generous, thoughtful, and christ-like person i know.
and i can't even begin to imagine my life with anyone else.
he is constantly bringing out the best in me and making me want to be a better person. 
he know when to make me laugh, he knows when i need a hug and a good cuddle sesh and he is quite possibly the best listener on the planet.
i'm working on homework while listening to him watch americas funniest home videos.
when he really laughs it turns into a giggle (which he will probably hate for me to announce because it sounds "unmanly") but it's probably the cutest thing i have ever heard in my life. it kills me.

plus he's all mine. forever.

"choose your love, love your choice"
-thomas s. monson
wise words.


miss lex: said...

being married is the best thing ever.
i'm excited for you two to seal the deal. :)

Becca and Derek said...

Super sweet post. Sometimes it's okay to get mushy on your blog--it is a journal! :)

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