Friday, July 5, 2013

happy fourth!

i love the fourth of july!
good food, good weather, good company and fireworks. 
this year was especially fun because it was sam's first fourth and everyone knows holidays are just way more fun when you have a baby. 
we had planned on going to a parade in the morning, but the night before we did a neighborhood fireworks show and sam was up way past his bedtime. 
so when he slept in the next morning we decided to let him sleep and hit up mickey d's for breakfast when we woke up. 
it was actually kind of fun to ditch the parade and go to breakfast with our little family. 

we went to lunch with ben's parents in the afternoon and then walked around the green belt in idaho falls for a bit. 

that evening we headed out to menan, idaho. we went to their firework show last year and i was seriously blown away. 
i think it is one of idaho's best kept secrets (or maybe it's not a secret?). 
but this tiny little town in idaho puts on the BEST fourth of july celebration. 
we walked around the booth's for a while and, of course, got some kettle corn (my favorite!), a funnel cake, and dinner. 
we then scouted out a good spot on the field and hung out with the kiddos until the fireworks started. 
of course sam passed out right in the middle of the fireworks (that kid can sleep through anything) but he actually loved the first half. 
i thought be might lose it because usually he hates loud noises but he proved me wrong. i'm pretty sure i watched him watching the fireworks instead of watching the fireworks myself. 
we had a great day together celebrating america!


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