Wednesday, July 10, 2013

10 months

ten months. TEN MONTHS! 
i can't believe it. 
the months are just flying by. i am currently planning your first birthday party but can only do it in small increments because i start to get so incredibly sad that you are almost not a baby anymore. 
where has the time gone?
you are so full of personality and charm right now. 
our favorite part about this age is literally watching your thought process play out on your face. 
it is the cutest thing in the world, watching your wheels turn. 
and you are one smart little man. you have figured OUT so many things this past month. 
i really do have to stay on my toes and make sure that our house is always spotless because you will put anything into your mouth these days. 
you catch on to everything ben and i do. we love being able to teach you new things. 
we just adore you, bubba. 

sam at 10 months:
- has three teeth with one ready to break the skin any day now. has the bottom two and the top left canine (random). ben and i get a kick out of his grin with that random tooth on top. leave to to sam to go about teething the non-traditional route. 
- says dada A LOT and will throw in a mama every once in a while (usually when hungry/fussy/tired). 
- scared of loud noises. 
- is clapping, waving "hello", blowing kisses and melting my heart all at the same time. at one point we were working on clapping so much that i found him clapping in his sleep. it the funniest thing i have ever witnessed. he will now clap anything he hears someone say "good job" or "yay".
- still loves to read books and has started to turn the pages for me. (stop it, sam. just stop growing up.)
- chewing on everything in sight. and in the past week has started to bite a little bit. we're working on it. obviously, he doesn't realize it hurt ben and i when he does it. i think her poor little teeth are just causing him so much pain. but we"re trying to teach him not to. 
- is a charmer. loves to find someone in church, at the store, etc. that he can make smile and then will zero in on the person and ham it up. 
- is using anything he can get his hands on to try to walk. i'm actually excited for him to start walking so his poor little knees won't always be red. 
- diaper changes are a struggle. end of story. 
- has been extra cuddly the past couple weeks. i'm gonna chalk that one up to teething but we are loving it. 
- still taking two naps a day and sleeps 8:30 to 7:30. 
- wearing 6-12 and 12-18 month clothing. 
- eating three meals a day and transitioning into more finger foods and away from baby food. loves feeding himself and LOVES pretend feeding mom. he will always offer me his food. current favorite foods are blueberries, avacado, grilled cheese bites, string cheese, mini pancakes, and sliced bananas. 
- talks and talks and talks. all day long. he will chat with anyone and has discovered that he can fluctuate the tone of his voice. which i love. i listen to him "sing" to me all day long.


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