Friday, July 19, 2013

the day my baby said his first word

yesterday i was the proudest i have ever been. 
and maybe the the most bittersweet i have felt as well. 
sam has been saying "mama" and "dada" for a while now and blurts out an occasional word that sort of sounds like something in english but not enough to truly count as his first word. 
until last night. 
ben and i were sitting on the couch looking something up when sam crawled over to bens foot and started stroking his toes while saying "tiddle tiddle". 
it took us a second to realize what he was doing. 
he kept doing it and soon his little voice became clearer as he said "tickle tickle tickle" while tickling bens foot. 
i don't know what is more exciting to me. the fact that he said tickle or the fact that he actually associated it with the correct action. 
it blows my mind what this little guy is able to pick up on. 
also, "tickle"?
not "ball". not "hi". but "tickle". 
i guess we do tickle him a lot and always say "tickle tickle" while doing it but i just didn't realize that he was old enough to pick up on that. 
once he started saying it over and over again i whipped out my phone as fast as i could and started recording. you have to be sly with sam because wants he see's that there is phone within his reach everything goes out the window. 
the video is way too long so i cut it down to the very end where he says it again.

other new milestones:

- will lift up his shirt and point to his tummy when we ask him "where's your belly?"
- claps for everyone and everything
- will reach his hands up towards the when we tell him to "reach" or "touch the sky"
- is officially all done with baby food as of yesterday. only wants to feed himself. 


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Hi Alex. Found your cute blog though PM. Your little family is adorable.

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