Wednesday, March 20, 2013


i love reading small fry blog. 
it's the cutest little children's lifestyle blog created by three moms of all boys living in utah. 
they started something called "unplugged week"
taking on the challenge of going "unplugged" for a week by turning off the tv and video games for one week. 
i loved this idea. 
even though sam is only 6 months and we aren't into video games at all, i still thought it would be a good idea to work watching tv less often. 
i don't watch too much tv during the day to begin with but i have noticed that when i am watching the news in the morning sam is fixated on the screen. i'll somtimes say his name and he wont even take his eyes off the tv to look at me. 
as he grows, i want to practice the habit of getting outside or doing hands-on activities much more often than turning on the tv as a way to entertain him. i want him to grow up playing outside with his friends, playing sports, and participating in activities that will challenge him and help him grow, instead of indoors playing video games. ben and i have already agreed we won't be having any sort of gaming system in our home.
so for the past couple of days we have been enjoying the warm(-er) weather by taking lots of walks together, reading books, and playing with his toys. he is starting to grasp the concept of object permanence and loves to find one of his toys when i hide it under a blanket. the look on his face when he finds his toy is priceless. 
i have noticed that i have also been able to get a lot more done while he naps by not having the tv on. 
i have been able to finally start this book for my book club, finish sam's birth-three months photo book, and actually got all of sam's clothes that don't fit him anymore folded and stored away. 
hopefully this can be a good kick-start to a more tv-free zone. 


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