Sunday, March 10, 2013

six months


where do i begin? i cannot even believe how much you have changed and progressed just in the past month. you are now rolling over both ways (yay!) but this is resulted in  you trying to roll away from me while i am changing your diaper. you are such a ham. you are always either laughing or smiling or trying to get our attention so that we will watch you make your silly faces. 
it might sound crazy but your personality is so evident even at such a young age. you will be such a great older brother to your future siblings. you are calm, so sweet and have a peaceful spirit about you. you are just an all around happy little guy and we love you to pieces. 

at 6 months sam:

- according to our scale at home weights about 16 lbs. (i weighed more than that at 4 months so i guess you're just a little guy:))
- wearing 3-6 and 6-12 month clothes.
- have started sweet potatoes and love them! (prefers them mixed in with  his oatmeal)
- still sleeps 8:30 to 7:50 (on the dot, my trusty little alarm clock)
- consistently taking two 2-hour naps and a 30 minute cat nap just before bed. 
- obsessed with the jumperoo! he jumps so intensely that his toes have poked holes through almost all of his pajamas. 
- cries when he is hungry. or when i stop feeding him to burp him. and that's about all. 
- still loving his soothie pacifier but starting to not be as dependent on it. 
- loves taking pictures and knows how to cheese it up for the camera. 
- loves to cuddle with mom at church. i live for the moments he falls asleep in my arms during sacrament or primary. 
- so outgoing and smiley for mom and dad at home but has started to become a bit shy around others. just loves to observe and people watch. 
- is now sitting up!
- loves to have dance parties with mom and dad in the kitchen. 
- will let mom kiss on his thigh rolls all day long without a fuss. i can't stop. 
- will grab at anything in sight so we have to be super careful about what we leave out around him. one too many knocked over drinks. 
- loves his sophie giraffe and rubber blocks and loves reading time. 
- fascinated with his reflection in the mirror


Kelli Warren said...

oh my gosh! stop! He makes it look soo easy and makes me want a cute little boy so badly! You guys are such a cute family! :)

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