Tuesday, March 26, 2013

little surprises

sammy boy was blessed back in november just after thanksgiving. 
ben gave the most beautiful blessing i had ever heard (obviously i'm biased, but still.)
it was one of the most perfect moments of my life and i will forever remember the feelings that i felt in that moment. 
however, the day was pretty dang stressful. 
my entire family was in town from fresno, my extended family was in town from utah, and ben's entire family was there including his grandparents from utah. 
i had major anxiety about hosting everyone at our house after church and making sure everyone was taken care of. 
i wanted the day to be absolutely perfect so when the power went out in most of southeast idaho that morning i went into panic mode. 
ben and i got on our phones and were using every resource available to us to find out when the power would be back on. 
finally we learned that it wasn't scheduled to come back on until 2pm (church started at 1pm). 
i was so sad. 
i had been looking forward to this day for so long and thought we would have to postpone his blessing. 
we continued to get ready, though, in the hopes that the power would be back on in time. 
finally, my parents called and said that the power was back at the hotel they were staying at in rexburg. 
so i drove all the way to rexburg to blow dry my hair while ben continued to get sam ready at home. 
ben later called letting me know that the power was back in rigby (yay!)
after many many prayers the power was back to sam would be able to have his special day in front of friends and family. 
anyways, amongst all the stress leading up to church i completely spaced asking someone to take notes during sams blessing. and even forgot to take pictures. (you don't even know how sad i am about this. i don't think i will ever get over that.)
i knew that i would lose it during his blessing and would probably soon forget bits and pieces of his blessing. 
later that night i tried to write down as much as i could from his blessing but knew there were parts that i was missing. 

fast forward four months. 
yesterday ben and i found this in our mailbox. 

our bishops wife had quietly taken noted during sam's blessing, typed them up for us, and delivered them to our mailbox. 
i can't even describe how happy i was to receive this. 
it is one of the sweetest things that has even been done for us and i am unbelievably excited to have this and am so grateful for that little act of kindness. 
(the possibly the sweetest idea ever? i told ben i want to start doing this for others)

i still can't read through his blessing without getting teary eyed. 
it reminds me of all the potential that our sweet boy has. 
i love thinking about all the opportunities and experiences that sam will get to have throughout his life. 
i have no clue what sam will eventually become but i do know that the sky is the limit for him. 
nothing that he may want to accomplish is out of reach. 

however, being a mom is tricky business, because my natural instinct is to want to protect him for anything that might possibly cause him harm or sadness. but the truth of the matter is that just as i know sam will experience joy and happiness i also know that life brings difficulty, pain, and heartbreak (heaven help the girl who tries to hurt him). sam will experience trials and there is nothing i can do about it.  

my greatest desire for sam is that he will gain a knowledge and testimony of his heavenly fathers gospel. and that he will develop a love for the lord. that he will be caring, respectful, giving and kind. and with these things i know that he will be able to get through any trials that he may face. and that his potential in limitless. 

that got off topic pretty fast. 
and may not have made sense. 
but i love my little man and can't wait to see the person that he one day becomes and i will always be his biggest cheerleader. 


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