Thursday, November 8, 2012

enjoying the journey + a video

i recently stumbled across this quote.

i often find myself thinking and worrying about the future so much that i forget to enjoy what i have right now. where will ben go to grad school? and when? where will we settle down? when will we sell our home? these are all questions that i worry about on a daily basis. i'll be the first to admit, idaho was the last place i thought i would find myself once i graduated from school and got married. however, it turns out our little life here is perfect for us right now. i have everything i could ever need right now. sam is at such a perfect and cute little age. he is also at a stage in his life where he is looking different each day and growing each day. it terrifies me to think that i could miss out on this fragile stage of his life waiting for "better days" ahead. i'm not entirely sure what the lord has in store for us in the future, but i have faith in his timing and know that right now i have it pretty great. sure, there are a million places that i would be thrilled to live.  and this isn't to say that i'm not still so excited about our future. but what i am realizing is that happiness is not dictated by how close i live to a beach or how many target stores are in a 5 mile radius of my home. so much of our happiness depends on the people we choose to surround ourselves with and the 2 boys i've got by my side are pretty great:)

speaking of happy people, 
we can't get enough of this smiley boy lately. 


Jamie Bullock said...

LOVE IT!! so cute! love the post, love the video :)

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