Tuesday, October 16, 2012

one month

how has it already been one month?
sam is already getting so big! i can't believe how fast they start to grow and develop. 
i'm not gonna lie it makes me a little sad to see him grow so fast but i love getting to spend all day everyday with my happy little man. 

sammy boy at one month:

- i still think you have your days and nights mixed up a bit but you are such a great sleeper. you wake up a couple times during the night to eat and then you back to sleep. you went about a week with a really stuffy nose and didn't get much sleep at all. that was awesome for mom and dad. but you are back to normal and sleeping great.
-you absolutely love to be held. you would sleep in our bed with one of us holding you all night if you could. such a little cuddle bug. i love it!
-you had jaundice when we brought you home and you had to go on a bili blanket. we had to take you to the doctors every day to get your blood drawn until your levels were back to normal. not fun for mom but you handled it like a champ. 
- you were a little unsure about the bath situation at first but you love it now. you totally zone out when you're in the tub. it's kind of the cutest thing ever. your favorite is getting your hair washed. 
-you are so strong! you can hold your head up on your own and are so close to rolling over. 
-you nurse great and can go from nursing to a bottle very easily. which is so nice for mom and dad. 
-love love love car rides. 
-when you're hungry you just grunt at us until you get out attention but you don't really cry much. 
-you smile in your sleep all the time and have just barely started to smile at us while you are awake. 
-still wearing newborn clothes but i think in a few weeks you'll be ready for 0-3. 
-you are starting to get even more of that dark hair. i love it. mainly because that's about the only think you got from mom. 
-you also have mom's olive skin. everything else is all dad.
-you love your binky. 
-your hands are ALWAYS by your face. we have to keep little mittens on you 24/7 to keep you from scratching your face. 
-we took you to get newborn pictures at one week and you handled it like a champ. slept through the whole thing. 
-you're starting to find your tongue. we'll stick our tongue out at you and you'll stick out your tongue back at us. 

we love you baby boy and feel so lucky to be your parents. after having you i have decided that i want all boys. 4 more of you and i'm set. you are absolutely perfect to us and we can't wait to continue to watch you grow. 


Kira said...

I love that photo in the hat, too cute! The time goes by so fast in the first year. I can't believe my daughter recently had her first birthday!

The Thomas' said...

He is beautiful and you looks so gorgeous Al. Love your fam

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