Thursday, November 15, 2012

sammy boy. two months.

can someone please tell me how to freeze time? 
i can't believe that sam has already hit the two month mark. 
i am packing away his newborn clothes today and am not ok with it. 
however, he is at such a fun stage! he smiles constantly. 
his biggest smiles are when dad comes home (what the heck?)
although he will smile and even throw in a few laughs when i sing to him. 
still not sure if he is laughing at me or with me. 

we love our little man and can't imagine life without him. 

stats at two months

- now 11 lbs 3.5 oz! CHUNK!
-grew three inches since your last appointment. hoping for a tall boy like dad. 
-loves to eat and oddly loves to be burped. 
-can fall asleep in any position. it's kind of adorable. 
-loves car rides. 
-still unsure about tummy time. you usually just bury your head in the ground and grunt until i pick you up. still working on that one. 
-now sleeping through the night! hallelujah! 
-we moved you into your own room this week and you're doing great. 
-had your two month shots. worst day of my life but you handled it like a champ. 
-now in 0-3 month clothes. 
-experienced your first halloween. i dressed you like a pumpkin, naturally, and you will probably forever resent me for it. 
-loves books!
-you rarely cry. you just grunt when you want something, kind of odd, but i'm not complaining. 
-makes the most adorable cooing sounds. 


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