Monday, August 22, 2011

san francisco

a couple weeks back i was able to spend some time at home in fresno. 
it was so so good to be able to be at home with my family again and spend quality time with them. 
while i was there my dad, 2 bothers, sister and i decided to take a little day vacation to san fran. 
i hadn't been there in a while so we took advantage of the good weather and hit up pier 39 and an A's game. 
i seriously love that place. 
i wish ben could have gone too. he grew up in the bay area and i know he would have loved to have gone back. 
needless to say, we had a great time:)
i felt bad my mom and other sister were not able to come. 
but only a little because mckenzie was in NY and my mom was in washington. 
here are a few pictures from out little adventure. 


on my way home i got to see this woman.

seriously...HIGHLIGHT of a lifetime. 
i almost peed my pants. almost. 
i had a layover in phoenix and brooklyn picked me up. 
we drove around in a freaky thunderstorm while i ate taco time (don't judge) and then went back to her house and had girl talk. 
it was the best. 
i know i look a bit haggard in this pic but i had been in an airport all day, ok?

AND this girl.

who just had her sweet baby boy and is now a MOM!
seriously so crazy. 
but he's the sweetest little man and i can't wait to meet him. 
it kills me that whit and i don't live closer to each other. 
because if we did i would sleep over at her house nineteen days in a row...just like the old days. 


Brissa said...

well it sounds/looks like you had a wonderful time! i feel like everybody has been going to san francisco lately.

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