Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i did it!

i finally finished my first do-it-yourself project.
i love love love chevron art.
and have been seeing these beauties EVERYWHERE lately.
{here, here and here}
so i finally took it upon myself to make one for our kitchen.
i kid you not, easiest thing on the planet.

i love it.
ben says he loves it too.
but then again i think he's learned to say he loves it regardless of whether or not he actually does.

next on the list?
these bad boys for our kitchen.
and silhouettes similar to these for our bedroom.

also, valentines day is THIS weekend.
it's technically not this weekend but valentines day on a monday? no thanks.
for a girl that has always thought of valentines day as a rather silly holiday...i'm stoked.

i honestly don't even care what we do i just want to spend every single millisecond of this weekend with ben.
it's gonna be awesome:)

for those of you who know me, you know i am a greys anatomy addict. i don't know what it is about that show but i'm hooked.
always have been. always will be.
but ben? not so much.
but i have been slowly trying to indoctrinate him into the ways of seattle grace.
last week we were watching an episode and the following came flying out of his mouth...
"oh dang, mcsteamy can do so much better than her"
mission accomplished.

last thing.
sorry i didn't know i would be writing the never-ending-blogpost.
i got this recipe from my friend rachel.
tastes like heaven. in your mouth.


Yours Truly said...

ok that chevron art thing is AMAZING. Umm...I am doing that now.

And I love KF desgins, and NO JOKE, was planning to go to hobby lobby tomorrow to go get my initals to do the SAME THING! I am glad we are on the same page.

Last, brooke and I think you should be in utah in march when she is there. kthanks.loveyou.

ben+alex said...

oh girl i will BE THERE. no lie. i am coming..

and those letters are amazing huh? post them when you do yours!!

and post the chevron art. seriously the easiest thing on the planet. i'll text you with how i did mine.

Yours Truly said...

k good. Kneeders again? kcool.

I am literally waiting for my visiting teachers to get here, and then venturing out to get stuff for my chevron little number. thanks again for the awesome picture text, hahaha.

Brett & Meg said...

Teach me how to do cute crafts like that alex.... so so cute


hey Alex how do i set my settings to notify me when someone posts a comment and what template do you use?? i cant find the plain white one like yours and i really want it :( im way to new at this thing haha

Emily said...

Alex, thank you so much for sharing k.f.d. designs. What a gem! I love these ideas and can't wait to see how you've done them up.

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