Monday, January 31, 2011

a few favorites

i hate video games. 
i think they're weird and a total waste of time.
but has anyone tried this game?

maybe ben and i played this for 4+ hours with his family the other night. 
maybe we were wicked sweaty.
but seriously this game will rock your world.
we will be purchasing this ASAP.
our neighbors below us will hate us. 


this beauty=life
if you don't have one...get one.
i've never tasted better ice cream. and it doesn't even require salt. or ice.
we got on for our wedding. thanks jon and kristi.

and FINALLY wedding pictures. 
i will now be loading mass amounts of wedding pics. 
so you may just want to scroll way down to the bottom for some good news.

this is for you ally. the only proof i have of seeing you.


now that it has been publicly announced...i can't contain myself any longer.
whit and tyler are having a BABY. 
seriously..this kid is gonna be a party 24/7. i CANT WAIT to meet him/her.
i'm pulling for twins.
why do i feel like i'm going to be an aunt?


Jamie Bullock said...

So, I LOVE everything about your wedding in these pictures. These pictures & the reception pictures- so beautiful!!

AllyM said...

i love my shout out. thank you.

Alysha said...

What a precious wedding, you guys are such a lovely couple.

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