Friday, February 18, 2011


speaking of t.g.i.f
does anyone remember friday nights in elementary school?
when ABC would have their "tgif" line up.
i'm pretty sure they played boy meets world. and sabrina the teenage witch?
was i the only one that lived for friday nights?

t minus 8 hours until we're on our way to utah.
i'm so excited.
1) because we get to stay with ben's sister, kristin, the whole weekend. 
probably the coolest person you'll ever meet. plus her kids are hysterical.
2) three day weekend. duh.
3) these two cuties are getting married. 
can't wait for their sealing
which also means i get to see all my girls from high school.
5) WARMER weather. hopefully

we're both just really excited to get away for the weekend. the end.

ok. this may or may not come off as extremely nerdy. 
but i did mock trial in high school and LOVED it. seriously. i was so weird. 
but my dad coached the team and it was so much fun. 
if they had a team at byui i would be all over that.
anyways..we were pretty good but never made it to the state finals.
when i graduated the twins were going to clovis north so my dad started up a mock trial team there and they ended up loving it as well.
and, as it turns out, their pretty awesome.
i'm writing all this just to say that they won the county championship last night and are now going to state finals.
for the second year in a row.
my mom sent me this pic from last night
maybe i'm a little jealous.


Jessica & Spenser said...

4) IKEA. Best. I am so jealous!! Enjoy your weekend! Let's play when you get back...??

ben+alex said...

done and doner! i can't wait:)

Nicole said...

Our Friday has TGIF all over it! Mom and dad would go out on a date, and that meant we could watch ABC all night :)

Becca said...

I LOVED TGIF! Sabrina the Teenage Witch was Awesome! Do you remember Teen Angel? I loved that one too :) Have so much fun in Utah!

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