Friday, January 14, 2011

the good stuff

bridal pictures by rebekah westover
if you are in need of a wedding photgrapher, look no further. 
she takes pretty pictures.

and a special shout out to my girl whit.
she took off work early to come meet us for our pictures to help me with my dress and make me laugh when i started to get awkward. i tend to do that in pictures. 
she was a rockstar.

thank you and goodnight.


Yours Truly said...

I showed my friend these,
she is getting married August.
And was like oh wow can I be her?
I said the same thing.
Your so classy!
And yes lets all up and move to Seattle.
I am SO IN.

Kara said...

haha i love whit!!
umm you are gorgeous
and you two look perfect!
i love these pics!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

These are perfect! I love her work. I really liked my photographer but I am kind of wishing I had known about her before I got married. You two look so beautiful :)

Rachel Taylor said...

alex! these are GORG!! I look at rebekah's website ALL the time. I loveee her work! i'm so glad we are blog friends now :)

alex.talks.a.lot said...

everything about your wedding = my dream wedding. :)

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