Sunday, September 11, 2011

life lately

hello hello. 
well friends, i've finally made it. 
this week is officially my last week working down here in utah. 
for the past 6 weeks i have spend monday-thursday down in utah teaching swimming lessons. 
don't get me wrong, i have loved it. 
being with cute little kiddos all day long is pretty rewarding. 
but i'm not going to lie the past 8 weeks have been hard. 
i was in fresno teaching for two weeks and then went straight to teaching in utah for 6. 
being apart from ben for 4 days each week is rough. 
i feel kind of lame sitting here whining about being apart from my husband. 
i realize that i could have problems far worse than this. and i am grateful that i don't. 
i sat next to a woman in relief society today who was telling me about how her husband has been deployed in iraq for over a year. 
that whipped my perspective right back into shape. 
this week is my last week. 
ben will come down this weekend so we can have a little mini getaway and spend some time with his sister and then it's back up to idaho to start work...
dun dun dun.
since when do ben and i have real grown-up lives?
i recently found out that i got a job working in idaho falls at a facility called access point. 
access point is a family services facility that works with children with developmental disabilities. 
so i will be working with the developmental therapy program. 
i'm not sure that this is something that i am looking to do long term but am i so grateful that i was even able to find a job?
yes. very much so. 
i'll let you know how it goes.

this past weekend ben and i headed up to rexburg for a little temple date night. which was much needed. after which we got horkleys and ice cream and drove around rexburg reminiscing. 
who knew i would miss rexburg so much?
and i only live 15 minutes away. 
but seriously, being a college grad is bitter sweet. 
we love everything about our life together right now but there are times when we truly miss school. 
maybe ben asked me if we could sneak into the smith building and go sit in the econ lab. for old time sake. 
i declined.
we also got to spend some quality time with al pal and dan this weekend. 
which was fantastic. 

we also recently moved into our new place. 
i will try to post a few pictures soon. 
but we absolutely love it! 
and being able to decorate and work on home projects together has been so much fun for us. 

this has officially been the most sparatic post. 
i apologize. 
i am sleepy. 
that's my only excuse. 

hopefully the blog posts will be back on a regular schedule after this week. 
i finally got around to starting to print them and put them into a book. 
we will one day look back on these and laugh or be really embarassed of ourselves. 
either way. 

until next time.
happy sunday:)


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