Wednesday, November 2, 2011

it's baaaack

our internet that is. 
it took a two month hiatus.
not gonna lie, it was pretty rough not having internet. 
kind of awesome to not have the distraction, but mostly rough. 

anywho, i forgot about this little blog of ours. 
it's been neglected, the poor thing. 
lots has happened since our last post.

we had our first snow (which luckily did NOT stick).
fall ARRIVED!!! 
halloween came and went. we were super heros. ha.
kim kardashian got divorced... 
(which now makes me feel terrible for making ben sit through four hours of her wedding special).
horkleys changed their name. i'm devastated to say the least. read more here.
ben and i found out we could go to fresno for christmas. i almost peed my pants. 
i got my beloved iphone back. i finally succeeded in convincing ben to switch carriers. plus we get a discount because i am in the social work field (jigga jigga whaaat?)
and i got a new job. 

so it's been a good couple of months and i am kind of falling in love with my little life here in idaho.
i now work for a company called rehabilitative health services. i work with adults who have moderate to sever mental illnesses. sounds kind of freaky at first, and for the first two weeks i may have come home crying each night. BUT now that i am getting the hang of things i am truly loving my job. i have about 12 on my case load so they definitely keep me busy busy.
the benjer is loving his job as well. and he does such a great job.

our home is slooooowly making progress. 
slowly. we get around to a new project once every few weeks so it will be a while until the decorating progress comes to an end. mainly, i just love having a place to truly call home with ben. besides my parents house. because, let's be honest, that will always be home.

welp. here are a few pictures from halloween! we had so much fun taking some of our nieces and nephews trick-or-treating. 
ben's parents also had a pumpkin carving contest at their house. our mickey pumpkin didn't work out so well. oh year we'll carve something cool. 
and the last few pics are from our night babysitting cute little gavin. can't get enough of that boy.

p.s. i am SO excited about christmas this year! i am dying. i can't wait to get our christmas tree. 
and is it weird that  i really want the justin beiber christmas cd?
because i do. 

happy wednesday blog friends. 


Brissa said...

hahhaha. i'm SO happy you included kim kardashian's divorce in your update. it's kind of ridiculous that her wedding special on e! was almost as long as her marriage. ooh kim.
p.s. i'm glad you're back :)

SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

Glad to have you back! It was fun to read about all of the things you've been up to. I think that it's really cool that you're in the mental health field, because I'm going to school to become a part of that right now! :D

Your Mickey pumpkin turned out really cool, in my opinion! By the way, where did you get your leather jacket? I've been on the search for one for months!

SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

P.S. Looking back at your old posts, I've decided that you have the cutest clothes ever. Hands down.

Jamie Bullock said...

alex, i've been wondering how you were doing! so glad that you love your job and your new home!! wow, that is awesome! cute pictures, your nieces and nephews are adorable.

Anonymous said...

its about freakin time al pal!!!! glad you havent died. love the pictures. and i want to hear more about this job of yours! miss you and love you

A Lost Feather said...

2 months without internet? that's hard! i think i'd like it for a little, but yeah i agree rough.

those are some great halloween costumes and pumpkins you had going on :)

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