Tuesday, November 30, 2010

in my dreams

i have recently acquired a new addiction.
all i do is daydream about our future apartment. 
i've probably spent hours searching the web looking for pretty apartment pictures.

if i had a million dollars i am fairly certain i would choose to decorate our apartment something like this.

{how could you ever be anything but happy in a place like this}

or this...

i don't know that i would necessarily have much use for an audrey hepburn dining room, or a pretty pale blue office. at least right now.

but i still want them.

and since we don't have the resources to make our apartment look quite like this, i'm about to get real crafty.

i just have so many ideas that i can't do anything about for two and a half weeks.

that's right two and a half weeks until we're married.



andy&lauren said...

oh my goodness.
its so true.
i went from obsessed with clothes to obsessed with decorating !
i think thats what happens when you tie the knot.
if you click on some of my links on my page,
they are some really good crafty/inspiration home sites that i am obsessed with :)

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