Sunday, November 21, 2010

fresno bridal shower

rebecca galli, jenny parker and brittany youngclaus put together the most amazing bridal shower for me this past weekend.
i am so grateful to have these wonderful and thoughtful ladies in my life. 
the shower was great. great food, great friends, great everything. 
i love love loved every minute of it.
AND since apparently every single one of us spaced taking ANY pictures (sad) i only have one, but quite possibly the best one.

mackenna has literally been one of my best friends since seventh grade. we're talking inseparable.
i mean i can remember our days at kastner when we would dream about our future weddings.
i'm fairly certain one of us wanted an underwater wedding. seriously? we were weird.
she works and lives in LA and we haven't seen each other in probably two years.
anyways, she came up for my bridal shower and i had no idea her and her mom (pictured above) were coming.
it was SO great to have her there with me and to catch up. 
thank you nancy and mackenna for making the trip up to fresno. love you both.


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