Saturday, November 13, 2010

home sweet home

i miss these two.

i cant wait for thanksgiving break when i can follow my mom around all day while she runs errands and go to the gym with my dad. 
is this weird? perhaps. 
but it's the little things about being at home that you miss when your at school.

i know this because i saw a darth vader holiday nutcracker at walgreens...
directly across from the holiday themed snuggies.
awesome. talk about a hole in one.

p.p.s. just thought about this and it made me laugh...
"there are three types of people in this world i don't trust; people with shifty eyes, gingers, and canadians."
or something to that effect.
except for you brooklyn (if you're reading this).

i am quite possibly marrying the funniest person on this planet.

and LASTLY, ben received the newel k. whitney award today for the financial economics department! which basically means he is a smarty pants. 


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