Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ellie 7 Months

Ellie Girl, 

Your little personality seems to be bursting at the seams these days. I truly love every stage, but this age has been so fun with you! You are rolling all over the place. If there is somewhere you want to be, you roll yourself on over and get what you want. You are so close to sitting up but haven't quite figured that one out yet. 
You absolutely love your brother. You are so patient with him as he can be a little rough with you sometimes. You grin ear to ear when you see him. I have loved watching your relationship with him blossom. He adores you and is always asking to hold you, feed you, etc. You will always have such a great older brother. 
You still aren't a big fan of baby food. You love bananas but that is just about it. You are still nursing so we have just relied on that as your main source of food. Hopefully one of these days we'll have a breakthrough and you won't spit your food everywhere!
You LOVE to be held. I am not kidding, if you aren't sleeping you prefer to be held by mom. If I try to put you down so I can get something done, it usually results in lots of tears so you're usually just glued to my hip all day long. But I am not complaining :) 
You have started to let out some pretty good belly laughs. I remember you brother laughing a lot more, and you seem to be more selective with your laughs. You definitely make us work to get a laugh out of you! But when you do laugh, it is oh so worth it. You seem to laugh the most when we sing funny songs or when we dance with you. 
We have been on a good schedule with you. You are a great sleeper and I pray that it stays that way! You sleep through the night and take two naps during the day. Your afternoon nap is currently at the same time as your brothers nap which has been so great. You both wake up so happy! I can hear you talking to yourself in your crib when you wake up and when I walk into your room you greet me with the biggest smile and start flapping your arms and kicking your legs with excitement. It is seriously the cutest thing ever. Sam usually wakes up around the same time and you two are so happy to see each other after your naps. I cherish those moments with the both of you. 
You are currently wearing mostly 6-12 month clothing and size three diapers. I feel like you are losing some of your chub because you have been moving around a lot more. But those cheeks of yours are still going strong. I hope those never go away!

We love you, Ellie!


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