Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ellie Two Months


We are finally starting to get the hang of things around here. And by "we", I mean me. You seemed to have figured things out almost immediately and I am finally starting to get with the program and figure out a schedule that works for both you and your brother and everything is slowly starting to fall into place. It may still take us forever to get out the door, but we somehow manage to and I love having my two little sidekicks with me at all times. You are getting chubbier by the second and we are all eating it up. You now comfortably fit into size 1 diapers and have outgrown all of your newborn clothing. I actually packed them away about a week after you turned one month old and it was so hard for me to do. You are growing so quickly and while it's so fun to see you reach new milestones it's also bittersweet how quickly the time is passing. I wish I could keep you little forever. 
You are still on a great schedule and this has been such a lifesaver for me. I don't think it has been anything I have done, you truly just figured out your sleeping on your own and have made things so easy on me. :) You are still sleeping in our room at night but I plan to move you into your own room soon. I just can't seem to take that leap just yet. I love the cuddles you give me at night. 
You are definitely becoming more aware of your surroundings and it is so fun to watch you take everything in and become more alert. You love watching your brother run around. You are the calmest baby and I honestly think that it is because you are just so busy watching your brother bounce off the walls. You have started to smile for us but Sam seems to always get the biggest smiles out of you. He is so good to you and is the first person to run to your side when you start to make a peep. 
You still want nothing to do with your binky or a bottle. You love to be held. Your brother loved the swing and but you are not as interested. You would much rather be held or walked around or bounced. It has been so fun to watch start to recognize mom and dad and those around you. Bath time was rough for a little bit but you have come to love your baths! You don't, however, like getting dressed afterwards. I try to dress you as quickly as possible because of this. 
Stats at your two month checkup (12-2-14):
Height: 23"
Weight: 11lbs 7oz

You did pretty well at your two month checkup. I absolutely hate to see you get shots but you handled them so well and were your happy self in no time. I do have to write down this story because I never want to forget it. While we were at your checkup, it came time for the shots. Sam was sitting on the bench inside the exam room while we had you up laying on the table for your vaccinations. I was mentally preparing to just have to comfort you after the shots that it hadn't even crossed my mind that it might be hard for your brother to watch you be in any pain. You got your shots and let out a pretty loud cry but quieted down pretty quickly. As soon as you stopped crying, I looked down and Sam was on his knees holding onto my leg sobbing. He couldn't breathe because he was crying so hard but kept saying "Is baby ok? Is baby  ok?" through his tears. I brought you down to his level so he could see that you were ok. He gave you a kiss on the head and then kept crying. 
I hope you always know how loved you are, Ellie. Sam adores you and your mom and dad love you more than words can express. I hope you and Sam will always have a close relationship and I know I continue to say this but I truly cannot wait to see your relationship develop with your older brother. We love you, baby girl!


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