Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ellie Three Months


You truly are the happiest baby! Your smiles get bigger by the day. You smile most for mom right now and I absolutely love it. When you smile, your while face lights up and I can't get enough. You just barely transitioned into your crib in your own room and have done great. You have been sleeping 11-12 hours at night and it is the best! I love going into your room to get you in the morning because you are so happy. You are starting to coo and make the cutest little baby noises. We love talking to you and watching you try to talk back. Your brother loves to try to get you to talk. I catch him all the time saying "agooo agooo" to you, trying to mimic the noises that you make in an effort to get you to coo at him. He adores you! 
You have started to attempt rolling over when you are on your back but you aren't quite there yet. You also hate tummy time. I try and try to get you to lift your head up while you are on you stomach but you won't have any of it. I remember Sam being the same way. I am hoping that you will start to get the hang of things soon. You still love your car seat and going for car rides. You also love baths and being read to. You are not a fan of your swing or being set down at all really. It makes things tricky when you aren't napping and only want to be held. I basically just carry you everywhere with me while I am trying to entertain you brother as well. I really don't mind though, it lets me soak up every second of you. 
You are starting to pack on the pounds and we love it! You have the best thighs and cheeks and I literally kiss them all day long. I can't get enough. 
You have this nice big bald spot on the back of your head because you sleep on your back. You also have a nice baby mullet going on and a cowlick at the crown of your head. I call it the trifecta of hair problems, but I love it! I am sure your hair will grow in and even out in no time. 
We love you, Ellie! You have brought the sweetest spirit into our home and I don't know what we ever did without you. 


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