Monday, June 3, 2013

a few milestones on video

because we have hundreds (literally, HUNDREDS) of videos of sam, i thought we would share a few on the blog. 
it's like my baby has turned into a "big boy" in the last two weeks. 
i can't even describe the joy that it brings me to watch my little man reach all these new milestones (but it's also breaking my heart one day at a time). 

MAY 13, 2013: started army crawling
MAY 20, 2013: started crawling with belly off the floor
MAY 21, 2013: cut first tooth 
MAY 29, 2013: pulled himself up onto his feet on the ottoman (what!?)

people always say boys are soo curious and soo busy and SO fun...and they are right! sam is keeping me on my toes these days. but i wouldn't have it any other way. he is a curious guy. he loves opening drawers and exploring the house down at his own level now that he is mobile. i told ben it is like we are making the adjustment when he was born all over again. it's like a whole new world. i have to have my eye on his at all times. the house is now baby proofed but i am still terrified of something happening. 
but he and i are getting to bond in a whole new way. i love exploring with him and witnessing the small things that make him happy and make him laugh. it's so refreshing. this boy is teaching me new things each and every day.      


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