Monday, May 6, 2013

sam's nursery

i am really only updating/re-doing this post for my purpose. 
the first time i wrote about sam's little space, i only had iphone pictures to show for it because my camera was out of commission. 
so i am updating with better pictures because i always want to be able to remember sam's room. 
i love this room. ben and i both agree that it is our favorite room in our house.
we love that sam his own little corner in our home filled with books, toys, and everything all his own. 

i also love that his room is baby friendly without being too "baby". i wanted something that he could grow into. 
anyways, the majority of our time together is spent in this sweet little space. 

also, we still need to fill one of the picture frames (working on it) and the two boys in the picture frames on the right are ben's dad when he was a boy and my dad when he was a boy. i love having their pictures incorporated into sammy boys bedroom. 


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