Saturday, May 11, 2013

eight months

eight months!
sam, i can't believe you how quickly you are growing right before my eyes. 
you become more and more independent every single day!
it's nuts. 
yes this week you started army crawling...scooting your little body all the way across the room to get the toy you had been eyeing. 
i have never been so excited as i was watching you hit this new milestone. 
although it is sometimes bittersweet to watch, you dad and i are also over the moon watching you learn new things and seeing the look of accomplishment on your face is priceless. 
i have to say, eight months is looking good on you sweet boy. your dad jokes that i say this about every stage...but i think this age might actually be my favorite so far. 
you have such personality (and sometimes a little bit of attitude) and you love getting people to smile or laugh. such a flirt. 
you are happy as a little clam each morning when i go in to get you from your crib or your nap and i can't get enough. 
your dad is a little upset because in the past month you have become bit of a mama's boy (no complaints here:). you have started reaching for mom when other people are holding you. but you still love your daddy. 
as soon as 6 o'clock rolls around and he walks through the door you cannot get into his arms fast enough.
your new favorite toy is your stacking rings. 
whenever we want to get you to army crawl all we have to do is put those in front of you and off you go. 
you are such a snuggle bug in the morning right when you wake up and in the evening right before you go to bed. we love that!


sam at eight months:

- still sleeping through the nights. 8 pm - 7 am
- starting to wean himself from his binkie. rarely takes it anymore. 
- loves falling asleep in mom or dads arms. (i know, i know. technically you're not supposed to rock your baby to sleep blah blah blah. but i love doing it and he loves it. we're all happy)
- favorite toys are stacking rings and blocks. i stack the blocks for him, he knocks them over. repeated 679483 times. he loves it!
- loves playing peek a boo and has gotten so good!
- is now army crawling! go sammy boy. although when i let him do his thing i usually watch as he gets himself wedged into a corner. (see last picture) we're working on that. 
- can reach octaves only dogs can hear when he squeals. i don't understand how his voice can go that high. it's hilarious. 
- LOVES going on walks. we usually go for a walk in the morning and then again at night when dad comes home. 
- wearing 6-12 month clothes. 
-developed some acid reflux but was put on medicine and it seems to be doing much better. 
-still has the most sensitive skin of all time. but now that the weather is warming up and isn't so dry it is getting much better. 
- has mastered the wet, slobbery baby kiss. and it melts my heart every single time. 

we love you, sam. stay this sweet forever, ok?


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