Monday, January 14, 2013

four months

mr. sam, 

you are still proving to be a complete angel baby. we have the sweetest personality and are so happy all the time. you are currently sick with the flu and just had your four month immunizations and yet still managed to smile and coo at the nurse throughout your whole appointment. you have brought the sweetest spirit into our home and never fail to make us laugh. you are growing like a weed and seem to do something new every day. i love showing you off when we are out and about or at church. you love your dad. you are so happy when he comes home and love snuggling up on his chest and falling asleep. you had your first christmas this last month and were spoiled rotten. it's true, having you around made christmas so much more magical. we love you little man. stay this small forever, will you?

stats at four months:

- weight: 13 lbs 12.5 oz. 
- height: 24.5 inches
- wearing 3-6 mo clothes and some 6-9 mo
- LOVE to eat eat eat 
- loves reading books before going to bed. 
-still sleeping like a champ. 10 pm to 8:30 am. thank youuuuu.
- you have the sweetest laugh right now and will giggle when we tickle your toes or sides of your back. 
- love performing your balancing act with dad. 
- rolled over from belly to back on christmas day.
- you have started to hate your car seat. and you'll let us know when you want out. your dad and i place bets in the car as to when you'll start fussing to get out of your car seat. 
-still love to be swaddled at night and for naps. 
- you have established a good routine throughout the day with two solid naps at the same time and an occasional cat nap here and there. it has made life so much easier now that your schedule is predicable. 
- now loves tummy time and has great neck strength.


Jamie Bullock said...

little mr. handsome! he has such a cute smile!

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