Tuesday, December 11, 2012

three months

december 10, 2012
sammy boy how are you already three months old???
it seems like yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital. 
you are growing at an insane rate and although i love watching you enter this fun new stage, i also get so sad knowing that with each  passing day you are getting bigger and bigger. 
slow down, will you?

stats at three months:

-smiles are getting bigger and bigger. we love our smiley boy. 
-started using his bumbo seat. kind of indifferent about it but you do so great in it!
-getting better and better at tummy time. still grunts at us the whole time though. 
-wearing 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes. 
-hate hate hate to be burped. what happened? you freak out when we take your food away to burp you. it's kind of hilarious. 
-starting to look more and more like dad. we found a 3 month baby picture of ben at his parents house the other day and he looks JUST LIKE SAM. crazy what dna will do. 
-loves book! mom's favorite thing to do is read to you. 
- still such a snuggler. we love it. 
-still sleeping through the night. you go to bed at 10:30. wake up to eat at about 6 and then go back to bed till nine. happy mama. 
-you have started to be much more alert on car rides. before you would fall right to sleep in the car. but now you like to watch out the window and coo. i love seeing you in my rear view mirror. 
- you got to spend a whole week with grandma and grandpa over thanksgiving break and the whole hansen side. you were LOVING all the attention. and they couldn't get enough of you. 
- you have started to hold our swaddle blanket by your face when you sleep. kind of like a security blanket. it's the cutest thing. 
- you love going to surprise dad at work. all smiles. 
- nick names: sammy boy, sam-i-am, bubba, love bug, samsonite, sweet boy. 

seriously, little man, i am not sure how your dad and i got so lucky. you are the sweetest, most good-natured little baby and we couldn't love you more. 


Christine Smith said...

Alex, he is the cutest little baby I have seen in a looooong time. Adorable!!

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