Wednesday, December 12, 2012

baby must-haves

when i was pregnant i read every one of these lists i could possibly find. i loved researching the best products for our little guy. 
obviously, i still don't have much experience but i thought i would put together a list of things we couldn't live without.
hopefully it will come in handy to someone else expecting their first little one. 



1. carters onesies: seriously the BEST. they don't lose their shape, they don't shrink and they're thick. don't waste your time with the gerber ones. 
2. butt paste: this stuff is magic. sam doesn't get diaper rashes a lot, but when he does this stuff does the trick. 
3. solly baby wrap: i love this wrap! it was one of the first baby purchases we made. not sure why. but i love it. it helps me to get stuff done around the house without taking my eye off sam. he loves it, too. 
4. lamb dream swing: we love this swing! online it has mixed reviews but sam seems to love it. we started out with this swing but sam didn't like it at all so we switched and have never looked back. he usually naps in this during the day. 
5. pampers swaddlers: the best diapers. we tried huggies for a while but they didn't mask the odor at all. 
6. chicco cortina travel system: we decided to go with a travel system because it was easy and we love this travel system! i like that it is gender neutral and it glides so smoothly. ben loves that it fold in one motion and is easy to get into the back of the car. we love the car seat as well!
7. aden + anais swaddle blankets: soft, breathable and stretchy. sam sleeps with one every night. can't have too many. 
8. gerber cloth diapers: we use these for burp clothes and they are great! super thick and absorbent. yeah they're kind of boring but my mom sewed a cute fabric panel down each one to make them a little more colorful. 
9. little tummys gas relief drops: takes care of a belly ache in minutes. plus sam seems to like how they taste. 
10. nose frida: ok, this totally freaked me out at first! but it had great reviews and when your baby can't breath because of a stuffy nose you will do ANYTHING. it works wonders. 
11. petunia pickle bottom diaper bag: i love this bag. it has lots of compartments to keep your diaper bag organized and the outside is wipeable and stain resistant. 
12. huggies natural care wipes: the thickest wipes i have found. 
13. medela pump in style advanced: this thing has saved my life. i'll admit, i originally received one that kept having problems so medela sent me a new one and i haven't had problems since. i hate nursing while i am out so this is such a lifesaver because i can pump before we leave and take a bottle with me. 
14. avent bottles: we have tried a couple other brands that constantly leaked but we haven't had any problems with avent and love them!
15. boon grass drying rack: i LOVE this. i'm a bit ocd and hand wash all of sams bottles so this is nice to dry them on. plus it's not an eye sore sitting on our counter. 
16. blue dawn soap: i bought this after a friend suggested it and love it. use it with hot water and a scrubber to get out any clothing stain (there are lots). 
17. hand sanitizer: absolutely could not live without hand sanitizer. when we brought sam home and was running around sanitizing everything in sight and had one at the front door for people coming to visit sam. we have one around every corner, in both our cars and in the diaper bag. 
18. aveeno baby shampoo and wash: we originally started out using johnsons lavender shampoo and wash and, while i loved the smell, it made sam's skin so dry and caused him to break out. so we switched to aveeno after our ped recommended it and it got rid of his dry skin right away. we use this shampoo, this wash, and this lotion for his face. 
19. baby aquaphor: this stuff was great for when we brought sam home and couln't really use any lotions or washes on him quite yet. this helped with his dry skin. we also apply some over his diaper cream to help it stick to his little bum. 
20. soothies: sam loves him. it's the only pacifier he will take. 
21. johnsons face wipes: carry these in my diaper bag if his hands or face get dirty. clean well and smell so good. 
22. california baby calming lotion: again, sam has really sensitive skin so this works as a good body lotion. plus a TINY bit goes a long way so the bottle will last you a loooong time. 


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